Aug 8, 2008

We Made it to JAPAN!!!!

Yes! We made it to Japan! We're really here!!! (And the fact that's it's taken me this long to do a blog post has been KILLING me! Seriously, I'm refusing to do any more blog-worthy activities until I get caught up! I'm already totally backed up! So forgive me...this is probably going to be a really long post.)

Anyway, right now I'm at the "Air Force Inn" computer lab. Unfortunately, there is no in-room Internet access and this room is not even in the same building as us. Which is why it's taken me so long to post. But anyway, now that I'm connected again, my heart rate is slowly going back to normal!

Now you're wondering how the flight went, right?

Here's the Cliff Notes version: It went pretty well. We made it in tact with all of our children and all of our luggage.
If that's all you want to know, feel free to skip the next several paragraphs. (I try for brevity, but I just can't ever pull it off!)

Now here's the Emily-esque version: Well, aside from a few poop-related-incidents, things on the first (LONG!) 13-hour flight went pretty well overall. Except when Gabe puked on Doug who then had to wear a blanket-skirt for the final 6 hours of the flight. That was pretty exciting. And then there was that thing at the beginning of the flight when no one could get their personal t.v. to work; The pilot came over the P.A. to say that Atlanta had tried to fix the problem, but to no avail...there would be no movies, and no television shows. He apologized profusely, and then offered everyone FREE BEER for as long as it lasted. Yeah, that part was freakin' awesome! But like I said, other than those two things, everything went pretty well. The boys stayed pretty happy, and Gabe only cried when we changed his diaper.
When we finally arrived in Japan after travelling all day, we were all pretty tired and ready to go to sleep. But we still had another plane to catch...from a different Airport. I'd like to say I spent the "Limo" (bus) ride to the 2nd Airport gazing out the window at the passing Japanese countryside, but I didn't. I spent it sleeping. Certainly with my mouth hanging open. Probably drooling.
When we got to the second airport, I immediately felt a sense of familiarity. I felt like I'd been there before. Then it hit me...I'd seen that JAL (Japanese Airlines) counter The Amazing Race!!! Yep, same counter, same young girls with snappy scarves, same friendly service...! I looked around for the film crew that should have been following me, but they weren't there! Oh well. Maybe next time.
So we hopped on our second and final flight which would take us to Misawa. This flight was short, and once again, I spent the ride fast asleep. The interesting thing about this is, the plane was full (FULL) of teenagers. Probably a school group. And yet, they were perfectly quiet the whole way. In case I had any doubts, this pretty much proved that I ain't in Kansas anymore.
When we got off the plane, we were greeted by a large group. Our host family, Merrill and Janeen and kids, (who I've been corresponding with for the last few months) Doug's commander (Doug was thrilled to get to meet him wearing puke stained shorts) and a few others. They loaded us up, with our considerable baggage, and took us "home". Home being the base hotel where we'll be for the next few weeks. I don't remember much of that evening because I fell asleep every time I stopped moving for a second.
This would be a GREAT place to stop. But I'm must press forward...

THURSDAY: Our first REAL day in Japan started early. The boys were up at 4:30ish. (As they have been every day.) The important thing about this day is that Doug went to the housing office. This is where he learned the fateful news; the 4-bedroom homes (for those of our rank) are all full. So he was given two choices:
1. Live in "The Towers"
2. Live Off-base
And guess what? We're going off-base. Why? Because The Towers are only 3 bedrooms, are located on "North Base," (which evidently is so not the place to be...) AND they have balcony's of which we all know I am terribly afraid. (Have you met Max? He likes to climb!)
The good news is, we found THE cutest house ever which is still being built, which is in a neighborhood with other military families close to the base, and has 4 bedrooms, and is in our price range, and is almost finished, (4-5 weeks) and did I mention it's brand-spankin' new and the cutest house ever? So yeah! Looks like we'll be living (renting) off-base! How's THAT for fearless, eh?!?!?!?!?!?!? (Sharks, foreign countries...nothin' scares me!)
Alright, well this post is plenty long enough and Doug is probably wondering if I'll ever come back and help him with the kids, so you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to hear about our first ever truly authentic Japanese dining experience. Aren't you excited?!
(That means "Syonara for now!" I totally just made it up. Feel free to use it.)
BTW, (that means "by-the-way", for your text-inept ones out there) BTW, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Just so you know, I love comments. Even if I don't know you. Even if you're a deranged stalker. I still want your comments! And questions. I love those too. I'm a LONELY LONELY PERSON! I JUST MOVED TO JAPAN!!!
Any questions?
P.S. Is it kosher to Video Conference your boyfriend in a crowded computer lab which was moments earlier virtually silent except for the cheerful sound of fingers clicking away on keyboards? Evidently, the girl who just sat down next to me thinks it is.


Kristen said...

OK - I don't really know you, but I'll leave a comment anyway. Glad you made it to Japan! And at least only one child puked - and only once! Congrats! :)

Christina said...

Glad you guys made it. I can't believe you're actually living in Japan!

Val said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting trip there. Glad you made it safe and with all your luggage. Can't wait to hear more.

FOX said...

Em!! That totally sucks about the "no movies" thing!!!

I was feeling for you there!!!

We look forward to when you have internet in your house, so you can make us laugh more often!!!

Girls Galore said...

I've been checking your blog waiting for the Japan update...glad you made it safely and congratulations on finding a cool house to live in. Can't wait to hear more details!


Anonymous said...

Em!!!!! I was supposed to talk to you before you left, but we had a crazy July (NOT as crazy as yours though!) So I can't wait to hear all of your off base!!!! You are really going to experience Japan now! So what is the time difference? When can I ever talk to you?

I'm actually watching the USA/Japan Womens Soccer Game right now. Go USA!

Oh, and I am truly amazed that your plane ride went that smoothly. You are amazing. I thought a 2 1/2 hour fight to San Diego was bad. We miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily this is Victoria's mom from Max's soccer team, I've been following your blog and I'm so happy to hear that you made it safe and sound. That whole puking thing probably would have done it for me!!!! But at least you're all there. Look forward to hearing more about it.

Mrs. Dub said...

Uh, you live in Japan. Once I can wrap my mind around that, I'll tell you how excited I am that you found a cute house to rent - with enough bedrooms for us to stay in.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!! i'm so happy to hear u are there. and i can't wait to see pics of the house!! u guys are soo brave!!!!

Bella said...

Hi! I have been reading (stalking! ha!) your blog! I thought I would make a grand reveal! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your writing/stories. Don't worry, I'm not one of the crazies you refer to! :-) I hope you have fun in Japan, how scary yet SO exciting to be somewhere so foreign.

Emily said...

Hi Emily! It's me, Crobar!

Congrats on your move to Japan! (Your lonliness guilted me into commenting, which I usually try not to do, as a blog mooch.)

Anyway--I agree with bella (whoever that is) great stories and blog.

Congrats on the house.

Know I am reading, and I will try to do better at commenting.


Anonymous said...

We just snuggled up to the monitor and read about your first few days in JAPAN???!!! All I can say is WOW. Is this a dream, pinch me, no not there. Doug in the airplane blanket for 6 hours is my favorite part. Next would be your face after finding out there would be no movies or tv or 14 hours. We are so impressed that you all arrived in Japan with your luggage. The Dubs couldn't even do that one from Chi-town. Brand new house!!! Yes! Hang in there for a month at the AFHotel- it will be so worth it to have no one else's dirt to deal with. Where do you eat while you are at the Base hotel? Kitchenette or cafeteria? Important questions? Where did you go to church and what language was it in? We are praying for you lots! Love-

Shelly said...

I'm happy you got to Japan unscathed! Three kids on a 13 hour flight - you should be a super hero yo. Also, you're very brave for living offsite. I hope you're having fun in Misawa! :)

Linz said...

Eeeek! YOu made it! YOu actaully in Japan! Why am I having a panic attack for you??? Congrats on your house!! Yea!

Brandoneous said...


Glad you made it. Since you like comments so much. Here is one for you, "Oh yes, I like it in blue..."

Love, Deranged Stalker.

Foot Handle Pete said...

Em and family,

So glad you are there in JAPAN Safe and sound. So glad you have something fun to look forward to - moving out of the Base Hotel and moving in to a cute house! Tell us about church, friends, and the culture stuff...we are dying to know what goes on outside of the sunshine state.

Anonymous said...

That so was not FHP saying that! Was that Mrs. FHP or Miss FHP??