Aug 25, 2008

My Boy is Growing Up! ( Japan!)

Yeah, I know...everyone is doing the same blog post: Pictures of their kids on the first day of school. But how many FIRST kids are going to their FIRST day of FIRST GRADE in JAPAN??? (Yes.  It's still weird to me that I live in Japan.)
And in how many places to you see half the parents dressed almost EXACTLY ALIKE!?!?!?!

Alright then. I'm justified in doing this post!
(Yes, Doug dresses in camouflage every day for work. No, I don't love it. No, I don't know how to spell 'camouflage'.)

P.S.  For all of Max's school and soccer friends (Hi, Soccer Moms!) out there, Max would like you to know that he is signed up to take PIANO (So he can eventually learn to play the drums), and BUJIN KAN BUDO TAIJUTSU which (we believe) is one of the Martial Arts that involves WEAPONS!!!  (Wont that be FUN?!?!?!?!?!?!)  Everything starts next week.  Wish us luck and no severed limbs!


FOX said...

Brandon LOVES camouflage!! He thinks they make moving targets!!! He loves to play my step-brothers in paint ball because they wear it and Brandon can't understand why they would wear something so bright!!!

Did I mention that Brandon calls camouflage 60's orange!!! Yes apparently if you have total color blindness (as opposed to the common 2 forms of color blindness wimps have) camo is bright orange!!!!

We (or should I say Brandon) used to get all kinds of offers from the army about some perks if he would join... until he got old... should we be insulted that he no longer gets those letters????

OH!!! And your kids aren't in REAL school in REAL Japan, until I look and see pictures of them sitting in a JAPANESE school with little name tags that say (in Japanese)... if I get lost please return me to the Japanese as a second language class!!!!!!!

FOX said...

Did you notice in my last comment how I wrote "Brandon Calls"? That was a pun!!!!

OH! You need to proof your post!!! You are apparently up late!!! Or early! Or afternoon. Who knows!

I would just tell you the problem, but I don't remember... I really am up late!!

love ya!

acte gratuit said...

Crap. I knew I spelled camouflage wrong. Dang, double dang! Also, I like how you point out your puns. Awesome. : )

Anonymous said...

With puns like that you should be sent to a PUNitentiary for PUNishment.

FOX said...


That was pretty funny!!!! But if you understood my pun then you know my husbands name, SOOOOOOOOOOO we must be friends.

Who are you, oooooooooh keeper of secrets, I need to know who funny people are so I can read their blogs!!!!!

FOX said...

Even if your busy you have to look at the picture of the car I saw!!! It is an "only in Utah car!!!!!"

Seriously!! I know you will laugh, but I also know you have been pretty busy with your move!!!

OH! and I didn't notice that camouflage was spelled wrong!!! I only notice grammar!! FYI!!

Love ya lots!!! Can't wait to video chat with ya and call ya!!!!! OH AND VISIT YA!!!

Is it OK that I have hogged this post with my comments!!! I just want to raise your self-esteem!!!

Emily said...

Wow, what an experience.

Best wishes to your son with his upcoming truckloads of homework :0)

Will he be learning Japanese (if so, it will probably be faster than you and doug, so watch out!)

Linz said...

Good luck and no severed limbs!