Feb 21, 2007

"So Emily, How Are You Feeling?"

Answers: (pick one)

1st Trimester:

"Tired. I'm going back to bed."
"Severely Depressed."
"Why can't everyone just go away and leave me alone!?!?!?!?!?"

2nd Trimester:

"Really, really hungry! Can I have some of what you're having?"
"Fabulous! Want to frolic through this flower field with me???"

3rd Trimester:

"Large and in charge!"
"Ready to pop"
"Please quit asking and get me an epidural immediately."

And still 11 weeks to go...
Max quote: "Can't you just push the baby out WIGHT NOW?"
If only...


Bartimaeus said...

She looks very cute! Its fun to feel the baby in her tummy. Sometimes it feels like he's right on the surface, very cool.

Linz said...

I am almost to the blessed 3rd as well, but already feel huge, waddle-y, ect. Auri also tells me to get the baby out now. How we wish it were that easy!! And yes, I would also like my epidural now, please. Good Luck in your last 11 weeks! I know you look cute! Have you finalized a name yet? =)

Andy said...

For the record. And from someone who sees you in person at least once a week. It is entirely unfair that you get taller and skinny-ish-er looking with every passing week. Not fair one bit.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i hear ya. 4 weeks for us to go (although i think it's going to be earlier since i almost had him sunday). i'm so ready to not be so fat. =)

Anonymous said...

So Emmy, How are you feeling?

Mrs. Dub said...

maybe max is onto something. i mean, have you actually tried pushing? what's a few weeks of lung development anyway?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that cute! Everytime I have a doctor's appointment Sadie gets all excited because she thinks they are going to "cut the baby out" at the appointment.

You don't have that much longer! Yippee!

What will our lives be like with 3 kids?! Crazy!

mama bear said...

I second andy's comment. I haven't seen you with this one, but I admit that I'm still a little bitter from when we were both preggers and I looked like a beeched whale and you just looked like you had a basketball under your shirt. I love you anyway, though, and I'm excited for you to have this baby!