Feb 24, 2007

New Years 2000

Recently my nightstand was tossed by a five-year-old in search of mischief. In the process, he opened and emptied my scriptures and scripture bag. (Evidence also points to a two-year-old accomplice who fled the scene before law enforcement arrived.) This set was one of my High School graduation gifts from Faezer and has been accumulating notes, churchy hand-outs, and scraps of paper ever since June of 1996.

Among the pile of non-gospel related items were; a list of E-mail addresses, a shopping list, a list of party invitees (and if they were coming or not) and most interesting, my New Years Resolutions for 2000. I'd like to list a few of them as I believe they exhibit my extreme maturity at the young age of 21.

1. Eat dessert daily.
2. Date a lot.
3. 100% attendance @ school.
(I really wish I'd kept track of how long this one lasted)
4. Gain weight .
(This seems strange only because it's been edited by my husband. The actual resolution states the precise area of my body where I wanted to gain the weight...but doesn't specify how I might accomplish this goal.)
5. Don't get engaged.
(Prompted by the breaking of a previous engagement on Christmas Day 1999. I kept this resolution until exactly June 10th. Hey, half a year ain't bad!)
6. Date more/kiss less
(needs no explanation.)
7. Make bed daily.
(Crossed off...maybe just to be more realistic?)
8. Learn to play chess.
(Makes it on the list almost every year. I have been taught once or twice, but never remember the rules for more than 20 minutes.)
9. Kiss someone new every month.
(I guess I'd forgotten about Res. #6 by the time I got to this one.)

Now we switch over to my roommate, Michelle's (aka P.B.'s) handwriting and she notes some of her personal requests for my (hopeful) behavior modifications. (Do more dishes?!? Que va!)

At #14, I steal the pen back and take over again. I guess I was starting to feel a little shallow because I list a few serious things like "read scriptures," "learn French," and "get straight A's". I finally wrap-up with #24 "Make 20 new friends."

I'm not sure what this says about my character (though I have a clue) but I do think it's probably for the best that I was married by that August.

Pretty much every aspect of my life has changed since those long ago days (fortunately) but surprisingly, I still follow through with one of those worthy goals: "Eat dessert daily". The one area where I never fail to succeed!

And really...what's more important than that?!?


Leslie said...

that is hilarious. thank you ever so much for sharing. i love date more, kiss less. sweet.

Anonymous said...

question about #5? did i know the person? I don't remember that. At any rate very cute post. I still have the piece of paper from college that has all the qualities that my hubby should have. Kinda funny:)

Anonymous said...

Those are Great resolutions! Thanks for sharing! I think we should all make the resolution to eat dessert daily and then we would always have 1 resolution that we would accomplish every year.

acte gratuit said...

Mel--ask Wahine. She can give you all the gory details. :)

Linz said...

Gain weight...LOL, I had that same resolution in 2000! Probably just as specific area-wise, too! Nice. Very nice.

ckkg said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog -- I really, really appreciate the advice! I have aready started reading the Baby Bargains book!

Mrs. Dub said...

well, for some people who married into the dub family, kissing someone new each month might actually fall under the "kiss less" category, if you know what i'm sayin'. and, boy, do i remember what i'm sayin'.

Emily said...

I found my 2005 resolutions in a notebook this weekend. Too bad I didn't decide to eat dessert daily, I always manage that one too!

mama bear said...

now is it something like "date less, kiss more"? I'm glad to see that you know where your priorities are, though (ie, daily dessert), keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing that the gain more weight in certain areas worked for someone in this family maybe I'll try making that resolution someday!

As for the Dub family's reputation for kissing multiple persons in one month/week or day... please specify to which gender of Dubs we are referring. Certainly NOT the female variety.