Feb 9, 2007

Birthday Do's and Dont's

DO stay up late on your birthday-eve reading Newsweek. You'll regret it in the morning but the quiet, uninterrupted reading time is worth it.

DON'T let your 5-year-old get sick causing lots of extra laundry

DON'T schedule your kids check-ups for your birthday especially when they both need SHOTS

DO take yourself to Denny's for a French Toast brunch (after Doctor's appointments) and let your kids both order their own meal from the kids menu. (No forced sharing means no fighting.)

DO order hot chocolate (instead of water) because, doggone it, you're worth it!

DO keep your bowel-control-challenged 5-year-old home from school and force both boys to take naps.

DO turn off the ringer on the phone so YOU can take a nap.

DO order Chinese for dinner so neither you nor your husband has to cook.

DO NOT order Chinese from a new place in a different town without telling your husband who drives to the old one first.

DO eat as many servings of dessert as you want and blame it on the baby.



Anonymous said...

You're the birthday, you're the birthday, you're the bir-----thday boy OR GIRL!!!!!!!!


Wendy-ramarue Gherkin

Mrs. Dub said...

DO wish your fab sis-in-law a Happy Birthday.

DON'T do it a day late and on her blog.

Sarah said...

Hot coco is ALWAYS worth it! Happy birthday :)

My favorite birthday "do" is to call everyone I know and love, tell it's my birthday and ask them to tell me why they like me.

Saves everyone the embarrassment of forgetting and I allow myself to make a fool of myself on the one day of the year I can get away with it.

acte gratuit said...

Sarah - Funny you should mention it. I sent all of my siblings an e-mail the night before telling them to remember to call me and that it wasn't too late to wire money...I got the phone calls, but no money for some reason!?!

Next year I'll be sure to request the gratuitous compliments to go along with the phone call. Thanks for the great idea!