Feb 18, 2007

It's Sixes...

I was "tagged" by Fabulous Photographer Jen to do a post about 6 things that make me happy and 6 weird things about me. Well, there are lots of things that make me happy and far more than 6 weird things about me so I'll just type until my fingers blister...


1. I have no lateral incisors. Those are the teeth on either side of your two front teeth. (Evidently, this isn't that weird according to Doug.) I was missing one permanent tooth and the Orthodontist yanked the other one and pushed everything together.

2. I HAVE to sleep with socks on and with two or more pillows or I can't fall asleep.

3. I never pierced my tongue (like Jen) but I did have three earrings in each ear until November 2000. I know. That isn't really weird, though I did want to pierce my eyebrow and/or get a tattoo in college and could just never afford it. I would have gotten a black sun on my lower back, in case you're wondering...(Good thing I didn't do it because Doug says he wouldn't have married me if I had a tattoo. And the eyebrow ring would have just been lame.)

3a. At my wedding dinner, my brother Brandon told my future in-laws that I had a tattoo.....on my bum. I'm pretty sure they still wonder about that...

4. I wore a black shirt almost every day of my Junior and Senior year of High School and I wasn't even Goth! (Though I did paint my nails black on occasion...and blue, green, white, red, purple...)

5. I MUST put my colorful-Ikea-kid-plates in rainbow order when I unload the dishes. If Doug unloads, I'll go back and re-stack them in the correct sequence. Same goes for the cups and bowls.

6. Now that I wear colors other than black, I put the clothes in my closet in rainbow order also. And they have to be on black plastic hangers.

6a. Despite my many obsessive organizing tendencies, I'm a very cluttery person.

7. My favorite color is black but I tell people it's green so they don't ask questions.

8. I deleted 8. It wasn't that weird.

9. I'd MUCH rather work in the yard pulling weeds than clean the house...

9a. although, I will clean the house willingly if I can listen to Erasure really loud or if I have a good book-on-C.D. to listen to.

10. When I realized Doug was stealing/usurping my black plastic hangers once, I beat him with one. Soundly. (His are dark green.) (He told me to add this one.)

11. My second toe is longer than my big toe on both feet. (That's not so much weird as gross.)

12. I started dying my hair at a very young age (13ish) and, therefore, don't really know what my natural color is. (I blame my mom for this because she described my hair color as either "dirty blond" or "dish-water blond" when I was little. I'm sure she'll deny it though...)

12a. I've never found a grey hair on my head, (even when the color starts to grow out) but a few days ago I found a pure white eye lash.

13. If given the opportunity (which I never am) I could sleep for 12 hours straight. Make that 14.

14. I'm the youngest of 5 kids and yet, amazingly, I'm not the least bit spoiled!

15. When I was 19, I had a nightmare about my nephew falling off a balcony. Ever since then I've been afraid of heights and it's gotten 1,000 times worse since having kids...and visiting the Empire State Building.

16. In Middle School my life goal was to have 10 kids AND run my own day care center. (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!)

17. I can't let Doug end our phone conversations. If he tries to hang-up first I find something else to talk about for a minute and then I tell him I've got to go and hang-up.

18. I had a 76-year-old German roommate named Ursula when I lived at "The Old Mill" in college.

19. I would send a Christmas card to every person I've ever known if I had their address. (In the hopes of getting one back and hopefully seeing their picture. I'm insanely curious, nosey, and sentimental.)

20. Pondering or thinking too deeply about things of an infinite nature gives me an instant anxiety attack and has ever since I was about five-years-old and my sister Karie told me "space doesn't end" while we were sleeping outside on the trampoline.

I could go on, but I'm starting to frighten myself...


1. Having things in rainbow order.

2. My super comfy bed with its Space Foam mattress topper.

3. Sleeping in.

4. My boys sleeping in.

5. "Softer Than Air" socks from Costco

5a. Shopping at Costco

6. 80's Alternative Music

7. When my boys show their sweet side and/or play nicely together.

8. McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae's. With or without nuts.

8a. When Doug buys me one spontaneously.

9. Eating really yummy food. Especially when someone else cooks it.

10. Travel.

11. Art.

12. Making pottery and/or taking art classes.

13. Surprise gifts.

14. Earning money.

15. Carlsbad, CA

15a. Living in, visiting, or day-dreaming about Carlsbad, CA.

16. The weather in Carlsbad and surrounding areas.

16a. Sunny and warm days with a cool breeze.

16b. Having a sun tan (it's been a few years.)

17. Sleeping-in while in Carlsbad, CA.

18. Doug (except when he makes me really really mad.)

19. Exploring the East Coast.

20. Watching my stomach undulate.

20a. No longer having morning sickness.

21. Uninterrupted reading time and a really great book.

22. Uninterrupted reading time with my husband and a really great book.

23. Clean, sweet-smelling little boys.

24. Chocolate 25. Did I mention sleeping?

26. People who make me laugh.

TAG! You're all "IT"


Leslie said...

that was awesome. i'd like to know more about your 76 year old roommate. :)

Linz said...

What a great post! Things for me to comment on: CUTE BELLY!!!! Oh, and my 2nd toes are also longer then my big toe. Gross, but I think it is actually considered a sign of beauty and brains!
Oh, and your boys are so cute!

acte gratuit said...

Leslie, Ursula would indeed make an awesome post topic. I'll definitely do one about her soon! :)

Lindsay, I once heard that the longer second toe was a sign of royal blood and magical powers in ancient Egypt. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!
It's Adrienne here and I just wanted to say "Hi!" Blogging is such a small world. Just reading your post made me miss Carlsbad too and wanted to let you know I feel that too! You are so funny and witty. Congratulations on the upcoming boy to add to your cute "collection."


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. you're so funny emily!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute preggo!!!! I don't think I have ever seen your belly like that before. Miss you! Love your blog! You should read the latest of Kristen's. I don't think she will be talking to me anytime soon.

Foot Handle Pete said...

I had a comment on valentines post, please read. dosen't happen much anymore. FHP

C. Jane Kendrick said...

What would I give to be in the same position as your baby with chocolate all over his face? Yum.
My favorite was "20. Pondering or thinking too deeply about things of an infinite nature gives me an instant anxiety attack and has ever since I was about five-years-old and my sister Karie told me "space doesn't end" while we were sleeping outside on the trampoline."
Because who hasn't had that experience and why is it always on the trampoline?
Thanks for stopping by my place...

Paul and April said...

Wow Emily! You have a snazzy blog. How do I get one of those! Congrats by the way on your baby boy. You guys look like your doing fabulous! By the way I have a weird love for Mcdonald's sundaes as well. I like mine with nuts though

Debbie said...

i am friends with wendy, just fyi. i had to laugh so hard about putting your ikea plates, cups and bowls in rainbow order. i have to do the same thing! it drives me nuts that my husband will not just do it and i have to go back and "fix" them.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man? (Just so you know I'm singing at the top of my lungs right now!!!!) You need to add this one to your wierd list.

Anonymous said...

ok, so it's a full month after your original post but I HAVE to add my two cents. For the weird list: You like McDonald's sundaes so much that you once ordered one for breakfast. Thinking about it now, I'm sure you've done that more than once, just once in front of me: Road trip home from C'bad for Christmas 2000, about 10 hours before we discovered the cooked snake. Also, you WERE goth in High School. And if not goth, than the original Emo. Except you didn't cut yourself. That we know of. My favorite joke right now: I wish my lawn was emo...so it would cut itself.