Sep 1, 2006

Books, Glorious Books!

Most of you know that I sell Usborne Childrens Books. (What better combination than books and parties? I ask you?!?!)

This month Usborne is offering a September Starter Kit Special for only $25 with free s/h. The kit includes 10 books (plus a bunch of supplies if you want to sell):

Animal Stencil Book(BD)
Big Bug Search, The (P)
Fox on a Box (P)
Gladiators (H)

Pirates (Beg. Soc. Studies) (H)
Playtime Baby (Board Book) (BD)
Spooks' Surprise (P)
That's Not My Bear (BD)
Things to Make and Do for Christmas (P)
Under the Ground (H)

This is a great deal even if you have no interest in selling but want to get a super deal on the above 10 books, and also be able to buy other fabulous books at a discount any old time!

Let me know if you're interested, or click here for more info.
Happy Reading!

P.S. If you have no desire to sign-up but want to earn some free books, you can, of course, host a party or e-show. And if you have no desire to host a party, want no free books, and just want to buy a few directly...I can help you there too. Aren't I helpful?

P.P.S. Reading to your kids makes them smarter. Just look at my little geniuses!!!


mama bear said...

you know i want to do it! where do i sign up?

Adriane said...

You sell books?


I do like the cover of the "Pirates" book though.

G said...

You are a blogger whore! I log on to see cute pictures of your kids and what do I get?....Usbourne book...for the love!

Emily said...

I second that!

acte gratuit said...

Does that mean you BOTH want to sign up????

Aldea Ladies said...