Sep 5, 2006

For Steve!

I'm surprised how sad I was yesterday morning when I learned that Steve Erwin, Croc Hunter, had died. I was pretty sure he was invincible and would live forever! Mostly though, I'm sad for the family he left behind! We'll miss you, Steve!!!

Yes, we're supposed to be Steve and Terri holding our ferocious little croc. Give us a break...they were last minute costumes!!!

This Blog is dedicated to my heart-broken nephew, Ryan, who idolized Steve Erwin! Posted by Picasa


stephanie said...

i was surprisingly sad to hear the news, too. he was crazy, but you couldn't help but love him for his enthusiasm.

Linz said...

Amen to that! I was very sad to hear the news as well! His passion for conservation will never be forgotten! My sympathy for his wife and children as well!
He will be missed!

Adriane said...

I am also rather devastated. Did you know that he was in The Wiggles' "Wiggly Safari"?

It also reminds me of the fact that TV show hosts are mortal too, and you know, one of these days, I could hear the same sort of news about Chris and Martin Kratt, and I love those guys.

mama bear said...

I love those Kratt bros, too! Yes, Steve will be sorely missed. I hope his daughter will continue in his shoes!