Sep 15, 2006

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days...

when your kids flood the bathroom floor all the way over to where the spare toilet paper is stacked?

when you accidentally set-off the car alarm, fumble with the key chain for five minutes before you're able to turn it off, and then realize that no one even came to your aid?!?

when you sneak into the kitchen for a fortifying Go-gurt only to have your fingers slip and squirt it directly up your nose and all over your face?

when you walk into a restaurant with friends after a visit to the park only to have your 4-year-old puke all over the booth because he refused to get off the spinny thing 30 minutes previously?



Anonymous said...

How do you blog laughter?! Ha, Ha sounds mocking and hee, hee is really dumb... You are the bright light in many of our days!
I love you! I can finally blog my comments to you after much ado about the nothingness in my head. Passwords - smashwords!Have fun with daddy."Go cougs"!! Get a grip.

Leslie said...

i hate those darned go-gurts. that happens all the time around here. we've gone back to the yogurt you eat with a spoon. :) hope tomorrow's better!

G said...

Nope. I have never had one of those days. Sorry you did.

mama bear said...

actually, lately every day has felt like that. can't say I've had gogurt explode in my face, but that's because I'm just too cheap to buy them. tomorrow has to be better!

Adriane said...

Oh dear.


C'est la vie, my dear Emily. One day you'll look back at your blog archives at this one and you'll crack up.