Sep 18, 2006

Mass Hysteria

This weekend was all about Massachusetts. Dr. Dug's dad, Dr. Dub Sr., came to town for a visit and for the BYU/Boston College game.

Saturday morning, we all piled into the mini-van and headed north. I dropped off both Doctors at the college and proceeded to the Boston Children's Museum with the two future Doctors. What a cool place!!! It had basically everything a kid could want for hours of non-stop entertainment, including a two-story tubey climby tunnelly thingy. (Like you would see at McDonalds Playplace, only much bigger and easier to lose a kid in.) Max loved it.

Sammers loved the Construction room with about 15 low tables with ramps, tunnels and roads and bunches of trucks and construction vehicles to drive on them. They also had a water area, a Blue Man Group area for some reason (No Tobias, though...!?), a bubble area, (very sticky but cool) a really cool golf ball and ramp area, an art area...and a lot more.We didn't even get to see everything before it was time to pick up the big boys.

They were a bit sad about the outcome of the game, (BYU lost in the second over-time) but thought it was extremely entertaining and well-played anyway.

Once we were all back together again, I drove everyone back to downtown Boston. Now, for those of you who know me, you know that I'm quite directionally inept, spacially challenged, and otherwise geographically impaired. SO I'd like to take this opportunity to praise myself for being able to follow MapQuest directions without once getting lost in Boston. {Great Job!!!Thank-you! I'm Welcome!}

Anyway, we spent the evening seeing famous sights, eating great Italian food (with Gelato for dessert) and talking football to all the other blue-clad Mormon tourists (and some Boston fans.) We even ran into one of our favorite San Francisco neighbors, Jeff R., who was also in town for the game.

The boys did great considering all the driving, walking, waiting, and sightseeing.

Which is maybe why we decided to try our luck again on Sunday! After church and lunch, Dr. Senior wanted to see Cape Cod. So into the van we all went again. Luckily, this time I didn't have to drive or navigate. It's a few hours away, but well worth it.

We stopped at a few beautiful beaches to collect shells and just generally enjoyed sight-seeing. I love New England architecture, so I had fun staring out the windows at all the great homes and buildings we passed. It was another long day for the boys, and Max said he never want's to go to Massachusetts again, but all in all, it was an awesome day! Posted by Picasa


Linz said...

How fun!! We are definately coming out to visit sometime!!

Foot Handle Pete said...

sounds like fun. maybe if byu would play out here we could see dad with out having to involve teeth. I want some gelato. FHP

Adriane said...

It seriously weirds me out that you can drive from one state to another in that little time. It blows my mind.

I want bubbles and a two-story tubey climby tunnelly thingy.

mama bear said...

is this the Jeff R that used to live downstairs from us? he was a long way form home! hey, I am sort of bummed that you didn't just drive on up to Michigan for the UMICH game immediately after BYU. But whatever, sounds like you had a blast!