Aug 27, 2006

Super Saturday

I may not have a life Monday through Friday anymore, but at least I have a husband to be my friend for two full days on the weekends!!! Yesterday, after Dr. KidDentist let me sleep in, (see his blog for a report) we began our day of adventure...(are you holding your collective breath in anticipation?)

We started by heading to the library to get our weekly supply of books, video's, and books-on-C.D. (D downloads them to the computer, then to my I-pod so I can listen while engaging in domestic drudgery.) After filling a few bags full, we got back in the car and drove to a nearby Nursery that I've been wanting to check out. We bought one 3-gallon Lavender, a pretty pink Geranium, two Rosemary's, and some yummy smelling ground cover for our stone path.

So far, my day was rocking! Two of my very favorite places to visit in one morning!!! I used to think my dream job was working in a library, but then I started thinking all the cataloging and computer work would get in the way of my reading. Now I've decided my dream is to work in a Nursery. Just imagine: You get to surround yourself with really beautiful plants and cool garden toys, and you get to read your novel when it gets slow! (At least in my fantasy world!)

Anyway, next we went to lunch at Newport Creamery. (HA UTAHNS!!! They have Creamery's here too!!!) One word: YUM! A few more words: really good hamburgers, seasoned fries, and ice cream. The kid meal is the perfect size for me so that made it a bargain too!

Next, we thought we would check out a few of the million garage sales in the neighborhood. We found a table and two chairs for $15, a cute wooden-framed mirror for $1, and most importantly, a LAWN MOWER for $20. [You may not think this was our best find, but that's because you don't know about the 3 broken lawn mowers sitting in our side yard. One, the previous owners left, one a neighbor gave us saying it worked for him, and the third we bought at another garage sale and used once before it died. Needless to say, fourth time is the charm and this one works far.]

After this, we headed home. We may have tried to stop at a few more places but there was a table pressing into Max's head and a box of plants in my lap. Anyway, about one minute after walking in the door, DoctorDug got his first page and had to go to the hospital. He was only gone for a few hours though, and then we got to work on our yard until dark.

Last but not least, we went to a friends house for an Aquire tournament. (Thanks Stoddards for introducing us to the game so many moons ago!) It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

Thank goodness for Saturday!!!


Foot Handle Pete said...

you really are witty and urbane, or is that ditzy and urban. any way thanks for the encouragement and your lovely posts. fhp

Connie said...

hola emily!

i don't remember if we sent you this picture yet. so if we didn't, here is me and adriane at prom

Bartimaeus said...


Adriane said...

My goodness, your kids are adorable. I think I'll unjustly take some of the responsibility for raising them, because they are so cute and I was their best babysitter ever.

Oh, and I didn't know Kim Brown had a blog, so you'll have to link me. As for Doug, well, I was just spiting him. ;) Kidding. I'll comment on his blog if he REALLY does insist upon it.