May 31, 2012

A Few Little May Things

*Sam starts Karate after months of begging.
First class Monday.
Second class Wednesday.
Suspended from school Friday for Karate kicking and punching a class mate at recess.
(Don't worry--his Sensai had a talk with him and he hasn't had any problems since then.)
Actually, he LOVES Karate.  He has three classes a week and walks out of every one grinning from ear to ear.  After trying gymnastics, soccer, and basketball, we've finally found the sport for Sammy!

*Speaking of sports, Gabey finished in-door soccer and had a great time.  He got "Player of the Week" once (which came with a plastic gold medal necklace and a certificate!!!) and made a few goals and thinks he's pretty much the best soccer player ever.  Which makes it a win in my book.

"Look!  This says I'm AWESOME!!!"
*And because we can't let any of the boys have too much time to relax, we're making them take swim lessons.  A very nice young lady named "Miss Crystal" comes to our (community) pool every Saturday morning and splits 40 minutes between the four boys.  Even little Gray is getting a few minutes this summer.  She's teaching Max and Sam different strokes (Not to be confused with Diff'rent Strokes) and how to dive, and Gabey is working on the basics.  (He can swim, but it's not pretty.)  They actually all like swimming and are getting pretty good.
Let's pretend this is a picture of me, okay?  Thanks!
*In May we also went to the beach a lot despite the sometimes chilly "May-Gray" weather...

Sammy loves to Boogie

*...sometimes with friends like the amazing SHELLY who came for a visit over Memorial Day weekend...

*...which was also the weekend of the AAPD meeting and a get-together with Rhode Island friends.  (Thanks you for babysitting Shelly!)

 (Wish I'd gotten pics with everyone else, but happy I got this one with Diane!  It was fabulous to see you Jen, Melissa, Ginna, and everyone else!!!)

*Finally, we wrapped up the month with Max getting his Webelos award.  Did you know Webelos means We Be Loyal Scouts?  I did not.  
Nor do I approve of the syntax.  

However, I do approve of Max because he worked really hard and he's super cute!

And there you have it.  May in a nutshell. 
It was a great month.


AnnaYoung said...

Shouldn't it be Webelosc then? Pronnounced, I don't know, wee blow skuh?

I do not approve of the syntax either. : )

KimberlyGanir said...

So funny! You don't know me, but I found your blog from a pin on pinterest and was browsing your blog and saw a picture of you and Diane!! We are friends with Diane and Steve! My husband grew up with her, what a small world. I just had to comment because that is too funny. And I love your blog, you are funny too!