May 31, 2012

Gabey Turned 5

Our "Little 3" turned FIVE not too long ago and I wanted to mention a few great things about our sweet Gabey-Boy.

Since this is an odd-age year, Gabe didn't get a friend party.  He was a little bummed he wouldn't have a huge Ninja party with all his friends.  (Namely, David T.)  Instead, we planned a "family" party down at the pool with pizza, Root Beer floats and a Ninja cake.

But it just so happened we had visitors staying with us for the big day: my cousin Kim was in town with her husband and son, and our good friend Robert W. was in town from Japan for a dental convention.   Add to that some neighbors, and we had a pretty fun "friend" swim party for him after all.

A word about Gabey.  Sometimes Gabey seems too good to be true.  Sure, he has his whiny and naughty moments...that sometimes last all freaking day long.  But over all, he's a very very sweet kid.  He's the kind of kid people want to have at their house because he plays nicely.  He has a tender heart.  He loves and protects his little brother Gray.  Plus he has really cute pouty lips and gives great hugs and kisses.  A few more things...
Silly boys!
Gabe is a total Mama's Boy.  He wont admit to loving me more 'cause he knows that would hurt Doug's feelings...buuut we all know he loves me the most!
Cuddle with Grandma Fae
He still wants to be tucked in at night, (by Mommy mostly) and likes to have at least one story and three songs.  His most common song requests are;
Twinkle Little Star
Give, Said the Little Stream
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Other favorites are "The Pie Song", "Tell Me Why", "I am a Child of God" and "You Are My Sunshine".
Destin, FL
When he turned five, he decided he could in fact, say prayers all by himself.  I love his little prayers.
Disney World
Gabey loves going to Primary at church and comes home and tells me all about his lesson and what he learned about Jesus.  This is not something Max or Sam ever do, so it always surprises me.
Sweet thing!

Gabe loves to learn.  He is the first boy to request that I teach him to read and he likes to do "Home School" with me.  (It should be noted that I have NOT taught him to read.  But I did buy the Bob books!)
On the "Day of the Bunny"
Gabe has a great imagination.  He plays with his little buddy David a lot and they stay entertained for hours playing the games they make up.  One recent favorite is "Super Babies".  What powers do Super Babies have you ask? According to Gabe, "PEE AND POOP!"  (Did I mention that Gabe is a boy?  He is.)
Adorable (slightly jaundiced) baby!
So to sum up, we love Gabe.  And we're very glad he's part of our family!
Beach boys
Learning to swim
"Player of the WEEK!!!"
Ninja cake!


Lyana said...

My favorite parts of the blogs were Gabe's pictures (goodness, he is sooo handsome:)) and "Day of the Bunnies" (I laughed out loud). Your ninja cake is super creative!!!!!!

acte gratuit said...

Robert helped! He did the Oreo eyes!!!

Melissa @ Little Raindrops said...

Happy birthday to Gabe! I wish we had been around each other more in Misawa. All your boys seem like such great kids! We do the every-other-year friend parties too, but chose odd years for friends and so far I like how that's working out! And yes the ninja cake is great! I may steal that idea some year! :-D

Anonymous said...

Aaww! He is a cutie pie!