May 7, 2012

Yes! Pet! -- Part 2

Continued from here!

A few days later, Facebook intervened again.  A friend posted a picture of her son holding an ADORABLE lop-eared bunny with the caption "Easter bunny came early this year!"

I went back through my old messages and found the number Doug had texted.
Then, impulsively, I called the number.

The lady on the other end said she had a few bunnies left, but they were going fast!
Easter was only three days away!

I told her I'd talk to my husband and call her back.  "Okay, but they might be gone tonight!  They're going FAST."

I hung up.
I considered talking to Doug.
But then decided to surprise him too.  After all, he sent me the number.  That implied consent.
I called back and told her I'd come right over.

So with Doug still in his car coming home, I abandoned my children, (he was around the corner) jumped in the car, and sped to the ritzy part of town.  
The part where people have multiple acres and own many horses.  
Horses that live in stables right next to the house.

I arrived at a beautiful huge home and was taken around to the side yard.  
An amazing side yard filled with raised garden beds and large, walk-in style, rabbit cages (housing smaller rabbit hutches inside).

I was introduced to a Dwarf Netherland bunny.  I don't like large animals.  The smaller they are, the cuter they are in my humble opinion.  So I wanted the runt.  
He was tiny and gray and adorable.  I fell in love.  (As I am want to do with tiny things.)

The lady was a great saleswoman!  She talked up how great they are--and clean and good tempered...
"Are you SURE you don't want two?  They're very social!  They'd keep each other company when your kids aren't playing with them!  Your boys wouldn't have to fight over them if you had two...!"

Okay, fine.  I'll take two.  Good thing I carry cash (because of stupid Dave Ramsey.  Although I don't think Dave Ramsey would have approved this purchase.)

I forked over $100 and drove away, totally clueless about pet ownership, no pet stuff whatsoever, with two tiny bunnies in my lap.

When I got home I made Doug come out to the car.

He was a little baffled that I, a life-long fur hater, had actually just come home with two bunnies.
But he agreed that they were absolutely adorable.  He started falling in love too.  They were really, really cute little gray puff-balls.

We conspired.  It was Baby Gray's second birthday.  Should we surprise the kids immediately?  Or try to keep the bunnies secret until Easter three days away?

Easter Bunnies Easter morning would be EPIC.  A memory the boys would never forget, right?

We decided to keep them a secret...

To be continued one last time...

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