Jun 23, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite in Training--With a Little Scott Hastings Mixed In!

LaFawnduh:  Why are you so sweaty?
Napoleon Dynamite:  I've been practicing.
LaFawnduh:  Mmmm. Practicing what?
Napoleon Dynamite:  Some dance moves.

D-Qwon: [excitedly]  
Welcome to D-Qwon's dance grooves, are you ready to get your groove on? 
Napoleon Dynamite:  Yes. 
D-Qwon: All right then, let's get started! 


Anonymous said...

Aww, too sweet.

Tami said...

After seeing this I know that Gabey and Madeleine are a match made in heaven! Madeleine is always singing and busting some moves around here.