Nov 8, 2011

Monday Home Schooling Post--Right on Time

Okay, actually a day late.  I told you I wasn't very good at formal schedules, right?

So yesterday marked our one-week anniversary of Home Schooling.  And yes, I'm still getting minor panic attacks when I think of what I've done.

But then I think, hey, Max has now mastered his 7 times table and almost has his 8's taken care of.  Something we couldn't manage all of last year.  So we're doing pretty good.

And that sums up most of what we did during the last week:  We worked on multiplication.  I made flash cards, we watched a lot of School House Rock, played "Timez Attack", (which is awesome, btw) and took tests using "Mad Minutes".

For writing, we worked on writing letters to friends in Korea and Germany.  We worked on penmanship, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and letter etiquette.

Last night Max asked me if we could work on "Creative Writing".

Uh, yeah.

I think I can help with that.

Better get to it!

P.S.  For those of you worried about his socialization:  He hasn't turned weird yet.  I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Try my friend just told me about it. It is free and help the student get fast at memorizing their addition. I don't know if it goes on to subtraction and multiplication and division. My son is getting pretty quick at addition now that he has done it a few days now. The kids are suppose to get on and practice everyday. It only takes like 7 minutes or something. Anyway check it out for your son.