Nov 18, 2011

Overheard in Pottery Class...

Woman wearing flourescent orange full body jump suit over her clothes:  "I don't have a wire tool, but I have this half eaten dog biscuit..."  (long pause while she considers her next statement...)  "they're actually pretty good!  It's hard to find really crunchy snacks without too much sugar!"

Teacher:  "If I win the lottery, I'd love to buy a restored '66 VW bus!  ...I actually spent a year and a half living in one!"  (Confirmed my suspicion that all pottery teachers are ex-hippies.)

Woman 1:  "So how was the date otherwise...?"
Woman 2:  "You mean besides his age and his body?"
(Neither were up to her standard.  Evidently women are allowed to lie about their age on on-line dating services, but men are NOT.)
Woman 2:  "He did have horses..."

Me:  "This is way more interesting than the audio book I was going to listen to...!"

Teacher:  "Everyone needs to get out of here!  I have a cold Stella waiting for me in the car and a woman in a teddy waiting for me at home!"

I love taking pottery!!!


Linz said...

hahahaha!! I want to take a pottery class now...

mountainmama said...