Nov 17, 2011

Monday Home Schooling Report

Okay, since it's Wednesday night at 11:49 p.m., maybe I should give up on the idea of a Monday Home Schooling Report.  Clearly, I'm not totally on top of my blogging game these days.

But there are a few things I want to jot down so here we go:

The other day Max said:  "I want to do creative writing!"  I said "Awesome!  Okay!"  And then went back to making quesadillas and cleaning up spilled soy milk.
Then later that day, I was cleaning up the family room and picked up a piece of orange construction paper.  It had a single sentence written across the top.

Something like; "Boom boom boom tweet tweet tweet smoke filled the air."
I told him it was the best thing I'd ever read (sorry Brandon Sanderson) and that I wanted him to write more.  I told him he had to fill a whole page.

He did, and it was awesome!

So the next day, I told him I wanted MORE!  Who is this guy Bob and where did he come from?  We talked about characterization.  I asked him a bunch of questions about his character and had him write another whole page to preceed the first one he wrote.

I was so impressed, I told him I was going to blog it.
He forbade me.
Too bad he's not the boss of me!
(I'll apologize when he finds out when he's older....)

Here is what he wrote without any correction from me.  (Except I'm fixing the spelling for you.  You're welcome.)

(2nd Day Characterization)
Ricky was a strong muscular man who had stunning gold eyes and blond hair.  He had a dog named Sushi who loved sushi.  He just came to a deserted island where it was lined with volcanos.  He had just building a very nice log cabin and a very nice dog house.  He was taking his dog on a walk  on a very ___ day and the birds were singing.

(1st Day Story)
Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet.  Boom!  Boom!  (He knew he had to fill the page, so he was generous with the tweets.)
Bombs started falling every where!  But Bob (got changed to Ricky on day two.) was still alive!  He ran for cover as soon as the first boom sound filled the air.  He ran into a cave.  But it started to collapse.  The entrance was blocked!  Then he saw light at the back of the cave.  He quickly ran over to it.  There was a fire burning, but nobody was there to make it...

Are you dying to know who made the fire?  And who dropped the bomb?  Me too.

Sure, his handwriting and spelling are absolutely horrendous, but for someone who's never ever ever ever voluntarily written anything creative (that I remember) I think it's pretty darn good!  He could start writing with Clive Cussler!

Anyway, much more to discuss this week!

This post to be continued tomorrow...


Linz said...

Way to go Max!! I am so happy that home schooling is turning out so positive for him!! You rock Em!

AnnaYoung said...

That's some awesome story so far! :) I'm so glad you ahve it written down. I need to record Clara's stream of consiousness stories for the future. And work on 'beginning/middle/end' : ) But I hope you keep us posted on how the Ricky/Bob/Sushi tale goes!