Aug 31, 2011

Pediatric Dental Office Decor

We're working on decorating Doug's office.  It's being painted this week.  After that, new carpet will go in.  Then we'll need actual furniture.
Green is really tricky!!!

The theme that we've come up with is...

vintage modern.

Vintage because I love it.  Modern because it's "in".
(This part has all been decided, so don't try to change the theme.  It's TOO LATE!)

So, here you have our logo.  Very modernish, right?  Say right.
(And no, you still don't get to know my last name, Creepy Stalker.)

Then we have the following as options:
THIS is where I need your input.  Let me know what you think about the following items:

1.  Super modern couch by Herman Miller.
2.  or this Ballard Design more classic couch.  (Comes in many colors.)
--or something else entirely...???--
3.  Wall Art from Land of Nod.  I really love these but they're $89 each!  (But that includes the frame.)

4.  Also from LoN.  $129 on stretched canvas.  (I really love includes so many places I love.)
5.  What about a giant bouncy ball machine?  Is this a need or a want???
What do you think?  Which couch would you choose?  Which art would you want to see as a parent?  What magazines do you want to read and what would make YOUR dental experience better???
What are your thoughts?

(For my full "wish list" see my Emily Dub Pinterest board titled "Office Decor Wish List")


Anonymous said...

One of my doc's has really modern furniture, which really isn't my style, but my main beef is that it's SO uncomfortable! My vote is NO WAY on that first couch, all couches must have a back or they stink. I like all the rest of the stuff, all colorful and happy. I like the bouncy balls, but I do imagine my children begging for balls and driving me crazy. Sshhhh, but I like to read all the slightly trashy magazines while at our orthodontist, like "People" and "Us" somehow I can justify reading them, if I don't actually buy them. I also like BH&G. My ortho also has 2 large video game machines like you play at an arcade that my boys seem to LOVE. (They're free to play) Good luck!

Naomi said...

That first couch looks REALLY uncomfortable, although the look of it could be deceiving. Can you sit on it before you buy it? And the second couch just looks...meh and old and not vintage or modern. So I guess I vote for neither of them.

Pete 'n Stephy said...

i am leaning towards the first couch if you really cant find anything better - although it does look a little uncomfortable. can't you find one that looks like a giant molar or something? that would be awesome! fluffy molar chairs!! lol

love the bouncy ball machine and wall art!!!!! and for the walls - totally go for a wasabi green paint :)

LaLa said...

Modern couch...yuck. Kinda ugly and for sure uncomfortable.

Love the Land of Nod artwork.

Please don't have all "Working Mother" magazines. One office I go to does and it drives me crazy! I'm tired of reading their articles about how children are better off in day care than home with their own Mothers. Really?!?

Bouncy balls while very cute and cool will be bouncing all over the office and if some kid pegs me in the head with one while I'm sitting in the waiting room, he/she (probably he) better run for cover.

I would also like a supply of dark chocolate hidden somewhere that only I know about please.

And you MUST have a treasure chest they can choose from at the end of their visit!

When can we make our appointments?!?

Nat's blog said...

Hey..I saw you posted this on facebook and so I took a look! It looks great! I'm excited to see it all come together and to work for such an awesome office! Let me know if I can help in any way! -Natalie
p.s. I would have to say that bouncy ball machine looks cool, but I too imagined balls bouncing all over. Maybe as part of the kids reward for being so good in the chair they get a quarter to put in the machine or something.....

Christina said...

I like the modern couch. I love the artwork too. One office we went to had a machine that dispensed mini-ninjas. You got a token after your appointment was over. I think it had dividers so there were other things to choose from, but the ninjas were the fav. Magazines: People, Family Fun, Outside, some local one - I'm sure they have San Diego Living? or something like that? One office that we went to didn't have any reading material for kids, that kind of drove me crazy. I really liked this guy's office - it definitely had a modern feel: And they have large 16 x 20 photos of smiling kids everywhere. The photos were well done and it looked nice.

ryanandginger said...

Oh, another thing. I go in with my children because usually all 4 are seen at the same time and I make the rounds with the Dr. So I don't read the magazines but I would like magazines like : People, US, etc because I don't usually buy them and they have quick reads. I remember loving the kids magazines in the dentist because my parents didn't buy them at home.

I like your idea of wall decor but I'm sure you could find prints of things like that and get frames for cheap.

ryanandginger said...

My first comment didn't post for some reason. So I'll have to try and recreate it.

We go to a wonderful pediatric dentist (although we would visit Doug if he were closer!). I'm sure the practice cost an arm and a leg to start, but here are some things I like that you might find interesting. We have been twice since moving and are headed back next month so I'll try to take note.

When you enter there are two doors, one regular sized door and one kid sized door.

Each room has a TV screen on the ceiling and can show a different movie.

The waiting room has chairs, which I prefer to couches. I don't really like to sit on a couch next to a stranger but I don't mind sitting on a chair next to a stranger because we are separated by armrests.

The waiting room also has video games, although we've not waited long enough to use them and I think they are probably more hassle for the receptionist than they are worth it.

The recovery room has padded bench seating along the walls for parents with good books for kids and magazines, etc. for parents. Also there are several fake leather bean bags for children during recovery. They allowed me to pull one out into the waiting room when we were waiting for Natalie to fall into lala land before she had 10 teeth pulled. Bean bags work better than chairs in that regard.

They had a wheelchair to get those big kids into their cars after treatment. There is NO WAY I could have carried Natalie at 96 lbs and 5'3" (only 10 1/2 yrs old at the time) to the car in her limp state, even though she was ready to go home.

After their appointment the children get tokens to use in a machine, similar to the bouncy ball machine idea. I am not in favor of bouncy balls because..... they bounce! The tokens can be used for small, inexpensive trinkets.

After the visit they are given the traditional brush, floss, paste package but also get to choose a color of helium balloon. Balloons are always a good hit. Oh, and they can have a sugar free lollipop at the counter.

MandiScandal said...

there is NO QUESTION that you must go with the herman miller modern couch. hate the second couch. love love LOOOOOVE the artwork as well. well, mostly the abc's one. For more inspiration my good friend Creede has a midcentury modern blog and is kind of a "person to know" in modern design. You HAVE to check it out. . You'll see he and this girl Capree both contribute to the blog and they are both amazing. happy furniture hunting!

Whiplee Designs said...

I love your ideas for the new office. And I'm shocked at the price for those two word art prints from Land of Nod!

I've been reading your blog since the earthquake in Japan. I'm happy to make you something similar in photoshop for $25ish, then you could print it at costco for $5 and frame it. I have a new etsy shop and I'd love to help you out. Let me know if you're at all interested. whiplee at

And please don't be scared that I'm a blog stalker--but $89 is crazy!

Anonymous said...

Love your theme! I think individual chairs are more welcoming than having to sit by strangers on the same couch.

Love the wall art...a must have! You could easily make that same print so much cheaper. Make friends with photoshop nerds.

The bouncy ball machine idea is awesome, although I have visions of kids fighting and accidently crashing it over and hundreds of bouncy balls bouncing everywhere!

My favorite thing about my dentist, is the flatscreen tv mounted to the ceiling. It makes the torture more bearable.

Happy decorating!

Anonymous said...

I am a designer, and I would never put sofas in a dentist's waiting room. As others have said, people are really uncomfortable sitting next to someone they don't know on a sofa, so a sofa ends up seating one person, or possibly two (squished up against the arms to get as far away from the other person as possible) Find some commercial chairs that meet the fire code in your area.

Erin F said...

I was going to say I wouldn't buy a sofa for a waiting room, because it will take up a lot of space seating one person--but other people have already said it! And I love the bouncy ball machine. Kids could earn a quarter for good behavior in the dentist's chair. My kids would love that. Obviously there are lots of other ($Expensive$) things you could do in the waiting room that would be awesome, but if you put a TV in that is always playing a cartoon of some sort, kids and parents alike will thank you. :)

Diane said...

My boys' dentist has vintage arcade games in the waiting room like Pac Man, and a play house with a slide. They love it!

Anonymous said...

Why would you not put "The Friend" magazine, also "Highlights" or some others that Kids might like in addition to the the others many adults like? In my opinion NIX the couch entirely. I like my personal space and wouldn't like sharing a couch with someone. I was in an airport once that had "modern, stylish" chairs. The guy who design them and the guy who decided to buy them and put them in the airport, should have been forced to sit in it for 8 house, as we had to, as punishment. They were uncomfortable beyond words. Lots of good and fun ideas have been shared. Great idea asking for advice. DSC

Mom said...

I would seriously reconsider the bouncy ball machine. If these balls are the same size as Super-Balls, little kids can CHOKE on them. You just KNOW that some kids, or little brothers and sisters, will put one in their mouth. This just scares me silly!! As a preschool teacher, we had to use the toilet paper tube test. If the toy will fit in the end of the tube, it's too small to safely give to a preschooler.

MarshllMNDentist said...

The key to any successful relationship is boundaries and communication and that has never been truer for anyone than it is for the pediatric dentist. While most doctors must contend with patients who don't want to be there and are not cheerful, happy little campers about the process, they at least have patients who understand the expectations upon them as a patient to not do things like bite the doctor or scream for mommy. Many kids have a fear of the dentist. All those tools that dentists use can be frightening for a kid at first glance. Understanding what those tools are and what they each do can help. Kids also need to know that the dentist is there to help. With a few fun activities and a dose of education on dentists, you may be able to alleviate your kid's fear of the dentist.

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Jenna Schrock said...

A vintage modern theme is uniquely pretty for a dental office, and it certainly exudes a calming ambiance. For the coach, I would choose the more classic one because it's more comfortable to sit in a soft sofa, and it helps get rid of the anxiety. You can also put up some portraits of friendly dentists, happy teeth or a smiling patient to uplift your customers.

Jenna Schrock said...

A vintage modern theme is uniquely pretty for a dental office, and it certainly exudes a calming ambiance. For the coach, I would choose the more classic one because it's more comfortable to sit in a soft sofa, and it helps get rid of the anxiety. You can also put up some portraits of friendly dentists, happy teeth or a smiling patient to uplift your customers.

Mike Danley said...

I have a great collection of Vintage Dental Art Posters, some of which are Mid-century modern in style. Visit Thanks, Mike Danley

acte gratuit said...

Thanks Mike! I might grab a few of those!