Sep 7, 2011

No Sore Bums. Got it!!!

Okay, okay.  You do NOT want the "Modern" red couch if it's uncomfortable.  And I'm guessing (don't know for sure, mind you) that it's uncomfortable.
And the second couch was evidently hideously ugly.  (Who knew?)


We found another one!
See, the Wes/Tami family were here for Labor Day weekend.

You may remember them as "the family who moved in with us after the earthquake and then left Japan way before us and broke my heart".  (I REALLY need to think of a good pseudonym for you guys, H's!)

While we were driving home from PIPES* one day, Doug had what you might call a gastro-intestinal emergency brought on by too much candy at the previous day's Padres game.  (Or maybe by the Padres performance?)  Anyway, he needed to use the little boys room a.s.a.p.  (Is this T.M.I.?  I'm notorious for over-sharing!)

We pulled into a random shopping center and parked directly in front of a random furniture store.  It just happened to be A MODERN furniture store called "Grounded".  While D was, eh-hem, busy, I ran inside with Tami.  I started sitting on couches.  Too hard.  Too low.  Too silly.  Too incredibly rock-like as to not even resemble a couch-like.

I did a circuit around the room and tried them all.  When I got to the last one, I let out a startled cry!
My bum sunk into the cushion!
I leaned back and gasped!
My back was comfortably supported!

Could it be?  A comfortable Modern couch?

Yes.  Yes, it is indeed true.  Tami agreed.  Doug joined us and he gave it two thumbs up.
Now for the final test...

What do YOU think?
(crossing my fingers that at least two of you like it so I don't have to keep shopping...)
This couch...

but probably this color.
And three or four of these chairs.

Yes, I know most of you did NOT want to share a couch with a stranger.  The individual chairs are for you.  The couch is for the mom with the baby, and toddler, and purse, and diaper bag/backpack/random jacket/book/grocery bag and child on her arm.  Plenty of room to sprawl comfortably.

Anyway, assuming the entire readership of this blog doesn't boo the above, we'll be ordering them shortly.

Last night I bought some of the Land of Nod wall art and two book shelves from P.B. Kids.
The paint is up and the carpet is in.  Things are coming together slowly but surely!

More pictures soon, but in the mean time, COMMENT and let me know what you think!  Unless what you think is that I'm an empty headed animal food trough wiper who's mother was a hamster.  Just keep that to yourself.

*Yes, this IS intended to make your mouth water and make you want to come visit.


MandiScandal said...

I still love the red couch that no one liked. but here are some other couches.

My friend has the chelsea and it's extremely comfortable! And its less than $700 so that's good too.... but if you go with the one you've posted.... I give it approval as well. now you just need ONE more person!

Anonymous said...

OK, I like it if it is for that mother who has a baby and one or two kids, along with all those items you mentioned with her. However, if it occupied by just one person, I'll be looking for an empty chair next to the table with the magazines. DSC

Grandma Honey said...

I like it...but...with the mom, diaper bag, toddler, baby like you say, it's going to get stains very quickly. A solid color's really going to show it all too. Sorry, but you asked. :)

Having said that, I really do like offices with a more inviting and comfy look

Jenn said...

Much better! Order them!

Anonymous said...

Sofa's do give a give a fun look but solid dark fabric will show stuff very soon and be a nightmare to keep looking great. I also would stand before I would sit next to a stranger..wierd yes but I have a huge personal space.
I think that mom.. with all her stuff and I have been that mom.. could sit on the end near the corner or table and put her stuuf on the fllor and the baby next to her in the next chair.
But a sofa would look more chic and cool

acte gratuit said...

Mandi, I clearly said I don't want to keep shopping. And then you go and tell us about something CHEAPER! But no really...the Chelsea looks pretty similar and is a lot cheaper. Are you SURE it's comfortable? Even for a tall person leaning back???

Grandma Honey, That is a good thing for us to keep in mind. There will have to be extensive scotch guarding on whatever we buy!

acte gratuit said...

Turns out the Chelsea would be too big. Too long and too deep. We're back to the Paramount.

Naomi said...

I like the look of this new couch A LOT better than those other two. Too bad it doesn't come in red!

Have you had a shorter adult sit on this couch? If not, I volunteer myself. It will give me an excuse to visit again.

Emily S. said...

i like the one you found. it's modern but not weird. i like the clean lines of it. I'll have to take your word for it if it is comfortable. Good job and good luck!

Melissa Abby said...

Looks cool! I like having couch and chair options!

Melissa Abby said...

And jealous of pipes, we went there in July and I had forgotten how good it is!

jefferies said...

I like!

Anonymous said...

I just think you shouldn't call Fae a hamster! Although she is cute and cuddly.

P.S. Love the couch