Aug 25, 2011

Paradigm = SHIFTED!

Once, my friend Lyana told me she lets her kids fold and put away their own clothes, and then my brain popped, because WOAH!  I hate folding laundry!  Who knew I could shove it off on to them?!?!  That little bit of information changed my life!!!

So now I'll share something with you:
While sister Bethy was here, school lunches came up.  I mentioned that Max makes his own lunch and has since 1st grade.  Last year, he made Sam's too.  This year, both boys will make their own.  My job is to make sure we have ingredients on hand.  The rest is up to them.  And then Beth's brain popped a little because SHE hates making lunches and her kids are 6th and 4th graders!  So now maybe she'll make them make their own lunches and her life will be changed!  For the better!  And she'll forever praise my name like I praise Lyana!  And so will YOU!  Aren't you all glad I'm a blogger?!?

You can thank me later.

P.S.  (She also noticed my stash of plastic grocery bags all tied in loose knots and laughed at me.  But it's not just for the sake of my OCD!  It's so little kids don't pull them over their heads and suffocate!  Which my boys inevitably try to do when confronted with a bag of any kind--plastic or otherwise!!!)
And yes, we had a great time with Doug's big sister.  She brought her best friend Steph (basically a member of the family) and her two kids and we LOVED having them!  The boys LOVE getting to know their cousins after a three year drought.  We went to the beach every day, rinsed off with a swim in the pool, and then feasted on half healthy/half unhealthy food every night.  It was fabulous and we want them to come quarterly!

(So if you're planning a visit, better book the guest room STAT!  It's filling up fast.  And don't forget the cost of admission is a PICTURE for my WALL!)
Pictures will be posted...eventually.


Linz said...

Hole smokes...

As of today, Auri will be making her own lunch AND folding her cloths. You wonderful woman, you!!!

Lyana said...

hmmm, I hate making lunches too. I think Katya is capable of making hers too. I should try that. I was just thinking about what I told you about my kids and them sorting/folding laundry this morning as both of them were taking their sweet time (probably half an hour) but it did get done. I just had stop saying "You have to get your laundry done before you go to the prark", blah-blah-blah. Anyway, it works. It's just soo much work to get kids to do chores in my house.