Aug 3, 2011

Thursday in Hawaii

So much to blog, so little time...

Gotta finish up Hawaii so I can talk about my NEW HOUSE!

So, Thursday was our VOLCANO day.  Since we stayed in Kona, the volcano was a ways away.  Therefore, trying to get the boys excited was next to impossible.
"We have to drive for TWO HOURS?  Why can't we just go to the POOL?!?!?"
Little ingrates!
But we shoved 'em all in the car and set off anyway.
To break up the trip, we made two stops along the way.  First, to the southern most bakery in the United States for some Hawaiian sweet bread.  (YUM!):

Handsome group!
 Next, to a volcanic black sand beach:
Why yes, I did take a smidge for my sand collection!

Turtles chillaxing
(Aside:  So, we're standing around oohing and ahhing over the sea turtles, and a Japanese gentleman gets really excited to see them, walks over, and happily smacks one on the face to get it to move.  The Americans gasp and say "NO!", and my arms automatically come up and cross in front of me making an "X"; the universal Japanese sign for 'no' or 'stop'.  He didn't touch the turtles after that.) 

"I know I'm adorable!"
Yes, I did buy my shirt at Costco, and yes, Gray did eat more sand.

Playin' in the waves.
Finally, we arrived at the volcano visitor center.  They gave us maps and told us what the "must-see" attractions were for single-day visitors.  Here are a few:

In a lava tube tunnel.
The boys walked across this caldera.  I stayed in the car with sleeping Gray.

Barren landscape cleared by flowing lava.
Cute buzz boys.

Smoking volcano!

Smoking volcano after dark.  Sweet!
We stayed for quite awhile but only managed to see a little bit of the "park".  It was really amazing.  The boys were disappointed they didn't get to see an actual eruption, but seemed to think it was cool anyway.  The glowing crater was pretty close, so that got high marks.

We'd definitely recommend a trip to the volcano if you're ever in the area.

More tomorrow.  Hopefully I can wrap this trip up!


Robyn said...

Thanks for sharing! I got some of my junk mail yesterday and there are so many dental ads it makes my head spin and I always think of you and your families new adventure. Best wishes.

The Incredibles said...

Emily you are so funny! That trip looks like it's a lot of fun. (by the's Jane)

Beeswax said...

I remember walking around in the park and thinking, 'wow, am I hot. Why am I so hot? It wasn't this hot at the beach.' And then I remembered: I was on a volcano. Made me feel like a crazy risk-taker, like when I ride the tilt-a-whirl at the state fair.