Sep 9, 2010

Not So Deep Thoughts

*  Okay, so it has cooled off a little.  We're talkin' mid-70's now.  But I still haven't forgiven THE MAN/Air Force for the last two and a half months of living in an inferno.

*  Dear Follower Number 52, why did you un-Follow me?  Is it something I said?  Am I too Mormon?  Too Japanese?  Too Freakin' Awesome?  (Prob that last one.)  Well guess what?  I HAVE FEELINGS TOO!  AND I PREFER THE NUMBER 52 to 51!  SO THANKS FOR NOTHIN'!
(Sorry I yelled.  It may not be as hot, but it's still hot here!)

(*Aside Asterisk*  How do people get so many followers?  I mean, really!?!  There are some really lame blogs out there with hundreds of followers and THIS blog is clearly superior to those blogs so that just doesn't make sense to me.  Someone explain this please!)

(*I had a really hard time spelling Asterisk.*)

*  I really thought I had more to say when I started this post.

*  Oh wait, I remembered one more thing.  This is important...

*  Dear Friends with "private" blogs who are at this moment reading this very unprivate blog, please do me a huge favor:  Go to your Blogger "Settings" and then "E-mail and Mobile".  Then please type MY e-mail address into the "BlogSend Address" box.  This way, your new blog posts will automatically be sent to my e-mail inbox.  And then I will always read your blog.  And I WANT to read your blog.  But if you're not in my Google Reader, I forget to read your blog.  Good?  Good.

*  Seriously.  Do it right now.
We'll be even better friends when I'm reading your blog again.  Oh, and if we're enemies, you can still add me.  I need to keep you close.

*Okay, another one more thing:

*Dear Hair, Please stop falling out.  It's getting old now.  I already use the smallest claw clips available so it's not like I'm being greedy.  I'd just like to not be bald!  Plus, I'm not afraid to hack you all off into a boy haircut if I have to.  (I've done it before.)  Don't test me.

New post in the morning.  GOOD NIGHT!


annie said...

This is your cousin, the BFL CEO. I added you to my e-mail list....but I'm not sure if you need an "invite" too...

Kristen said...

I am your new "52".... feel better??? :):):)! I love reading your blog!

Kristen said...

OOPS... I am following as "Cameron" I forgot to sign him out and sign myself in! Now I will follow as myself and you just added one more follower!!!

acte gratuit said...

THANK you cousins! I love you!!!

Natasha and Jesse said...

I agree about the followers...I don't get it. And I think your blog is cool, but I don't remember if I'm a follower- I'll have to check on that one.

And good thing it's getting cooler! Cool weather is the best!

Linda M said...

Hey, take it from me, bald is not so bad. It is very cool on hot days. My spouse encourages me to wear my wig (for his comfort) but I prefer my close cropped hair! Just think of the $$ saved by not having to go for haircuts!