Sep 7, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here

*As per usual, just because I decided to sit down and write this post, it suddenly got cooler.  But I'm not getting my hopes up that it'll last.*

It started in early July.  This never-ending heat wave.  Every day with only a few tiny exceptions, the temperature has been over 80 and the humidity has been over 200%  (What, you want to tell me that's not possible?  Trust me.  It is.)

Now, I know many of you in many parts of the world are dealing with similar weather.  But here is why I deserve all the pity:

Our housing isn't air conditioned.

Yes, you read that correctly.


Not only that, but we are NOT ALLOWED to buy or use or install air conditioning.  We have to make due with 28 (6) fans blowing the hot air around.

Still not convinced that I deserve your pity?  Let me give you a few examples of how hot it actually is here:

It is so hot that our friend collapsed during a base marathon and had to be taken to the UCC (our version of the E.R.) for Heat Stroke.  (Not funny at all.  There have been some other serious medical conditions on base that they think heat may have contributed to.)

It is so hot that they've released school early twice now due to "extreme heat"  (No A/C at school either!)

It is so hot here that poor baby Gray is all heat rashy.

It is so hot that I'm willing to give my kids more than one Popsicle per day.  (unheard of!)

It is so hot that my citronella candles sitting on the back patio melted burying the wicks.

It is so hot that as I sit here typing, sweat is collecting behind my knees and dripping down my chest.

It is so hot that I'm starting to cuss more frequently.  (And unrepentantly.)

It's so hot that it's the hottest summer on record in Misawa.  (According to a reliable Japanese source.)

It is so hot that I wrote a snippy e-mail to my whole family (Doug's side too) and did it unapologetically!
(Yeah!  That's right!  I resent the lack of Christmas Pictures!!!)

It is so hot that the boys keep waking up at night because they're uncomfortable.  And then they come into our room and try to get into our bed.  And then Doug gets snippy.  And then Doug starts swearing...
(No, Doug does NOT start swearing.  He is WAY more righteous than me.  But he should!  It might make me feel better!)

It is so hot that I'm picking fights with Doug just because I'm sweaty and cranky.  (I would not be surprised if there were an up tic in marital problems base-wide over the past two months.)

It is so hot that I've given up cooking.  (I do this regularly regardless of the weather, but the heat isn't helping matters.)

It's so hot that I can't even think of a witty ending to this blog post.


P.S.  These hot sweaty children are not my children.  I do a lot of babysitting.  Even when it's hot.


Kristina P. said...

Why aren't you allowed? Do you live in Somalia? How does this happen?!?

Lyana said...

I hope it's over now. It's in upper sixties tonight, so it feels SOOO nice:)
And even if you are hot, you are still all dripping with funniness (that's my new word).

And yes, you do watch too many kids.

Linz said...

You have my pity. I hope it cools down today. Right now. Permenately.

Jessi said...

No A/C??!!! Ouch. That is bordering on the inhumane. Doesn't the Geneva convention have something to say about that?