Sep 4, 2010

I Love Baby Gray!

(Oops.  I set this to auto publish a few weeks ago and then I forgot to go back and finish it.  I was waiting for more current pictures.)

Five things I love about Baby Gray, who was born on the fifth, weighing five pounds.  (That last one was patently untrue.  He was my heaftiest baby weighing in at a whopping (in my opinion) 9.2 pounds.)

1.  He lets me rock him like a baby.  (I've always wanted a baby who let me rock him like a baby.  Most babies only want to nurse in this position.)
2.  He has beautiful GRAY eyes.  Yes, it's true.  They will certainly change, but for now they're gray.
3.  I love his squeaks and squeals and rare but adorable laugh.
4.  I love how his whole face changes when he smiles.  (And I love that he smiles whenever anyone looks at him.)
5.  Gray-Gray, I love your kicky-kick legs, your desire to stick everything in your mouth and drool all over it, and that you were born in Japan.  I love that your brothers adore you and always want to check on you and play with you and make you smile.  I love that you are a sweet and perfect little BOY!  Thank you for joining our crazy family!!!


mama bear said...

So, you only love that he lets you rock him like a baby? There must be something else lovable about him!?

mama bear said...

Much better! He is such a little cutie-pie, I can't wait to meet him!!

Kristen said...

He looks like you! He is so cute and his smile is adorable. I love rocking babies.... So sweet!

LaLa said...

He DOES look like a 'really looks like Doug kind of way'. I can't wait to kiss him.

Linz said...

He is so so cute!! And I love that smile!!!