Jun 10, 2009

Swimming in Japan

Cam's Swimming birthday party was a few weeks ago and the boys were invited so Mom and Dad came too.  (Actually, in hindsight, maybe only Max was invited.  Hmmm...)

Where?  Misawa City Pool

Swim caps are required.  As are pre-swim showers.  Much cleaner and more hygienic than American pools.  Plus, isn't Gabe the cutest little pin head ever?
The boys ponder the awesome water slide in anticipation!
We know that even though he had to be carried up the stairs kicking, screaming and flailing wildly--and then forced to ride down with Daddy--that deep down Sam thought the water slide was really fun.

Ice cream is available for a buck twenty.  I tried the Sweet Potato--because of peer pressure.  It didn't suck.  But I wont be getting it again...
Happy Birthday Caml!!!  Thanks for letting us crash your party!!!


Melonie said...

Fun stuff!

I had mango ice cream at a shop here once - it was unbelievable. Haven't tried the benimo yet.... but I plan to!

Anonymous said...

Swimming + Icecream = Fun here!

Swim caps are a good idea!

mr. underhill said...

Sweet potato? You've simply lost your mind. It sounds similar to those holiday Jones' sodas they make -- like mashed potato and gravy flavor. Mmmmmmm Thanksgiving sodas.