Jun 14, 2009

Moderate THIS!

I turned "comment moderation" on for comments made on posts that are over 10 days old.  Just so I'll know when someone comments on an old post so I can read it.  (I don't routinely check for comments on old posts and don't want to enable the feature that has all comments e-mailed to me.)  

There is no comment censorship enforced.  (Unless--say--you're a potty mouth.  Because we all know that I'm the only one authorized to swear around here--and only in foreign languages!  Bugger and Bloody=foreign)  

Oh, or if you post my super secret last name.  Then I'll change it to Dub and re-post your comment.

But usually, I just let you comment freely!

Because I'm confident in the knowledge that if you're reading it's because you love me and you'll mostly only leave REALLY NICE COMMENTS telling me what adorable children I have and how great my hair looks in its natural dish-water-colored un-coifed state!!!  

Does that answer your question 'mCcarthy lives in 2009'?  (And when you say you're one of my 'bigger' fans, is that by weight or volume?)

And now I'll ask again:
Any comments?


oscillating said...

let's just say i'm a HUGE fan - volume, gallons, meters, liters, tons, height, width, breadth, and spread. i'm all over the place.

i enjoy reading your blog. i'm a weakly reader. fan.

Susan Rozier said...

Emily, This is Aunt Sue. I love you and your blogs and your cute kids. Love, Aunt Sue

Mrs. B. Roth said...


Found your blog on MMB and I love it! You're great. I was ALMOST the mom of 3 boys this year, but God realized after he sent #2 that I NEEDED a baby girl. The Open Letter post was really brilliant. My #1 kid is great on his own, but #1 and #2 together, some kind of gestalt effect and oh my heavens, PLEASE!

Anyway, best of luck with your family in Japan! You're in my Google Reader now!