Jun 5, 2009

Dear You

Dear "yournoseyneighbor", who are you?

Dear Lacey, I need your e-mail address so I can answer your PCS questions!

Dear First Time Commentors,  Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!  I LOVE COMMENTS!!!  And I've probably already stopped by and browsed your blog even if I haven't commented yet.

Dear Loyal Commentors,  I love you.  A lot.  (You don't have to be too concerned...I am all the way in Japan, after all.)  

Dear Everyone Else,  Any comments?


Topsy said...

hmmmmmm. Turns out I have nothin to say. oh well. maybe next time :_)

WAIT! Pinch dougie for me. Call him doug-wips, tousle his blond hair into his eyes and make fun of his square 'trasero' and ask him if he's reminded of anyone annoying from the 'old days'. And tell him he is so so so so so so so lucky to have found you!

Linz said...

WE love you too!!! =D

Melonie said...

Well, who doesn't love bloggy love? You don't have to worry about that weird "hug or shake hands" moment as long as the love is still over the wires. (Or wireless, depending on your set up.)

Just wanted to let you know that I wore the earrings I won on Mother's Day and on my birthday, when the kids and I went out to dinner. Thankfully my toddler (who has never seen me wear dangly earrings) just tapped them to make them sway, and didn't rip one of my ear lobes off while I tried to eat. Whew! Anyway, thanks again!!!

The Jonas Family said...

Dear You,
Thank you for the misc stuff you write about for me to read! :)

lacey said...

Yes... my email!


Thank you!
I know, you have so many other things that are so much more important to do. But, I can't find anyone else like you/us that is in the same type of AF program. I am lost. My husband is lost. REALLY. Like "what did we do" lost.

So, just so you know, if I lived by you, I'd take you to Target and buy you an icee and a popcorn. ;)

Jenn said...

FINE! you caught me! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves comments.

pinocchio wooden head said...

I'M the nosey neighbor. don't get nosey on me. that's MY job.

Anonymous said...

I guess I would be in the category of "Everyone Else". I LOVE your blog. My husband served a mission to Japan, and moved back for 9 mos after his mission to work for a company in Osaka. He's always wanted to live there, but I always said NO! (I mean, come on! Me, a little blond girl from Utah? In Japan? Is he serious?) Looking at how well your family is doing, and what a great adventure it is, I just might be changing my mind. Who wouldn't love such a great adventure for a couple of years?
(now I'll go back to lurking!)
P.S. I don't have a blog, or I'd send you a link!