Jun 16, 2009

Frozen Assets - Update

Let's not dwell on the negative.

Like the $3 I sorta accidentally spent on iTunes.

Or the $300 I spent on the ITT tour to Mt. Fuji*.  (You have to pay now to go in August.)

Let's talk about the positive. Or rather the negative amount I've spent on other trifles.

Here's what I haven't spent money on this month:

I haven't purchased any books on Amazon. Not even "The Kids N Clay Ceramics Book" for $15.25 or used copy of "Bleak House" Norton Critical Edition for $2.44.  (But I will!  Oh yes, I will...)

I didn't buy any new shoes from Target's 75% off section.

I haven't mailed any packages or love boxes...not even the three baby gifts I need to send.

I haven't gone out to lunch or dinner--not even to celebrate Max's last day of school last week.

I've refrained from scowering clearance clothing racks.

The 100 Yen Store has been completely neglected.

The Bunny Store is dead to me.

Yes, I'm that good.  

The problem is, I'm done being good now.  This month is dragging on far too long.  I have needs!  I need to get these packages mailed and off my counter!  I need to read Bleak House**!

But Doug isn't letting up.  He's STRICT!  He's the no-spending Nazi!  He wont budge!!!

And so I plod on.  Thriftily pinching my pennies and pining away for July.

I don't know if this experiment is teaching me the lesson it's supposed to be teaching.   But I'll persevere.  


But nobody said I had to like it!!!

*Yes.  I'm planning to drag my sorry butt up to the top of Mt. Fuji (with some lady friends from church) even if it kills me.  Which it most assuredly will.  Doug talked me into it.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I'm going to go cry now.

**My sister Jenny got me the BBC mini-series "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens (on DVD) for my birthday.  Doug and I just watched it together (over the course of a week) and LOVED it.  But now I MUST read the book to find out all the juicy details that were left out!!!  (Though Jenny said they did a great job staying true to the book.)  Like I said, "need" not "want".  Yes, I know they probably have it at the library, but I can't highlight library books or write notes in the margins, now can I?!?!?!


Linz said...

You're a better woman than me...

And good luck on that hike!!! I wish I could come with you!

Anonymous said...

Yes you do need the book. I approve, so buy it now!

Your FAVORITE sister (being the ONLY sister who has ever bought the Bleak House DVDs for you)My name rhymes with Penny, but starts with J.

Beeswax said...

I believe your no-spend policy has a Dickens clause? you should check fine print.

I, on the other other hand, do not have a no spend policy. Jake got me an awesome white cake doughnut with coconut frosting from VG donuts, and it tasted so light and fluffy! Like a cupcake! I was supposed to leave tomorrow to go home to phx, but instead I'm moving into my parents room with all the kids, and Jake is flying home to work (make $ for more donuts). We heart Carlsbad!

jen said...

i am so impressed emily! i could never EVER do that!!