Dec 12, 2008

Remember How I Made My Bed...

the other day?

Well...last night when all the clean clothes had been dumped on the floor and "Psyche" had been turned on, I did something extremely out of character.  I IRONED!

Part way through my fourth shirt Doug said, "Can you stop ironing and help me fold now?"

I said "This is the third time in eight years I've ironed.  Are you SURE you want to discourage me?"

"NO!  I'm sorry!  You're right!  Keep ironing!!!  Sorry!  SORRY!"

Yeah.   I thought so.


Anonymous said...

Hope you were using your rowenta. Can't iron without it! I miss you.

Jenn said...

Iron? What's that? We only buy wrinkle free clothes around here and I only iron when I'm sewing!

Garity said...

Ditto what Jenn said. Pressing seams flat is about as close to the iron as I get. Spritzing lightly with water and throwing back into the dryer works wonders also (ummm, works well enough anyway). Loving the fact that your hubby helps fold...after reading your courtship posts and then this, he is way beyond a keeper.