Dec 14, 2008

I've had some complaints

that I'm not talking about Japan enough. Well, it's true. I'm not. (buncha whiners.)
And I'll do better. Later.


Alright, so I'm not actually deathly ill. And I did go to church off-base today...begrudgingly.

But after finishing two different simultaneous courses of antibiotics along with an oral steroid, my tonsils are still as big as grapefruit, and my sore throat has returned along with a snotty nose. Which always leads to tonsillitis. Which always leads to an ear infection. Which always leads to me being Miss Cranky Pants!

So lets just say I'm a little testy at the moment. BUT, being the stoic martyr that I am, I still managed to do this:

(Don't say I never gave you anything.)

Turn the volume up. It's a darn good song.

And stay tuned for more Japan adventures and cultural commentary.

(geez, it's like people don't even come here for my wit and/or cute kids...!)



Naomi said...

Oh, that song was fantastic!

Almost as cool as that marching/skating in the background. What was that?

Emily said...

Sammy was cracking me up..which is saying a lot since I'm at home with the flu. OH, and the stroller was awesome...oh, and you looked H.O.T!

acte gratuit said...

We arrived at the same time as two separate school groups. The groups each went to a separate end of the rink and an employee did some drills with them. After a few drills, they were allowed to skate around and do whatever they wanted. Which meant they came over to "talk" to us/stare and point.

Then, both groups left and we had the whole rink to ourselves. No employee supervision. Which is when we put the stroller on the ice.

(Darn Americans!)

Jenn said...

and helmets even! How cool and fun. The song was great and the stroller was perfect. We have metal walkers at our ice rink for the "inexperienced" skaters! Hope you get better soon.

mountainmama said...

I LOVE IT!!! I kept waiting for Doug to push you on the ice like he did with your boys.

Topsy said...

Cute kids.

When did Doug lose his blonde hair?

Deece said...

This is awesome!! I hope you feel better soon.

(I think this may be my first comment here.)

Lisa said...

It's a good thing you put helmets on the kiddos, they would have had ice burn on their necks for sure! I had to laugh at the drills the school kids were doing in the background, it matched your music choice perfectly!

Shelly said...

You are so cute. And Gabe is not actually that big. I know its graphic manipulation!!!

marissa said...

I love that your boys are happy doing anything....even crawling around on the ice! Awesome! Sorry you are sick! I just got caught up on your blog and LOVE all the posts, as usual!