Dec 28, 2008

"'Live Forever' Might Be You!"

For those of you who are just using me for my Japan, here's a little photo essay of a recent lunch date Doug and I had off base.  (Obviously this was before we got two feet of snow.)

Introducing Cafe Live Forever:
Like many restaurants near the base, Cafe Live Forever caters to both Japanese and American patrons...but seems to try even harder for the American customer.  Not only do they offer menu's in English, but also some American-ish-style menu items.  Consequently, it was filled about half and half with Americans and Japanese.
The menu also offers an explanation for the restaurant name:
While waiting for my order, I took a closer look at the decor.  The pink flowers below are called "Live Forever".

I ordered the Mushroom and Chicken Pasta on the recommendation of an Airman at the next table.  It was actually very good, though I admit I didn't try the side salad.

Doug had the...I think....Sweet and Sour Pork?  I'm not exactly sure, but he did enjoy it!

After we ate, we ordered some of their famous scones to take home with us.  This time we tried the caramel.  They were good, but the chocolate is still my favorite.  The scones come with a little cup of butter and whipped cream to put on top.

Gabe was just there to look cute.  He's good at that!

So there's a little taste of Japan for you.  I'll try to post about an "off base" activity at least once a week now.  


Alright then.  



Linz said...

Looks yummy!

marissa said...

You know it isn't really a date if you take a kid! Gabe is pretty cute there though.

Unknown said...

You know, when I googled your blog, this is the post that came up. I read it thinking all along it was current. And then I saw Gabe, and thought, ummmmm, something doesn't fit right:)