Oct 26, 2008

Weekend Update: Meet Yuri and Natsuki

We had some very special visitors this weekend!  Meet Yurina and Natsuki!
Two beautiful 17-year-old students.  They came to stay with us through a home-stay program through their English Club at school.    (Do you like my new curtains from Target.com?)

Saturday, we took them with us to The Salmon Festival.  

In this picture, Natusuki is eating "Devil's Tongue".  She said it's very good and offered me a bite.  I politely declined.

The main event at The Salmon Festival, is the Salmon Catch.  You wade into a shallow pool of water and have 3 minutes to catch a live salmon swimming past.

Of COURSE Doug did it!  He caught his salmon (with his bare/masculine hands!) in just under two minutes.
(I think he'll probably post the whole story on his blog, so keep an eye out for that.  We have video and everything!!!)

That night, we went to dinner at the base Mexican restaurant, Los Guerros, and then to the base Halloween festivities which included a Trunk or Treat, bonfire, and a Haunted Forest.  

(Doug took Max and the girls through the Forest while I stayed at the bonfire with the little boys.  He said they screamed all the way through.  The girls, not Max...)
We said good bye on Sunday and were sad to see them go!

Sayonara Ladies!  Keep in touch!!!

Thank you for teaching me how to say "you're welcome"!

("do u i tashi mashite")


Christina said...

Way to go Doug - I can't believe you caught a fish with your bare hands. So cool!

Anonymous said...

looks like u guys are having a blast over there! and ur boys are huge!!