Oct 8, 2008

Sibling Response...

Since my siblings don't read my blog regularly, I had to e-mail them to tell them to read the post they were featured in. Here are some of the responses I got via "blog comments" and e-mail.

Chrissy: (Brandon's wife) You should have seen the look on Brandon's face the first time he tackled you and pinned you to the driveway, after you were married, and I said,
"Brandon, you can't do that anymore."
and he asked why, and I said,
"Cuz you never know when she could be pregnant now."
Since he saw you as only being 6 years old, I thought he was going to yak!!!

Laura: You're full of it Emily! I am NOT a tight wad but I AM very frugal! Which incidentally, is why Jeff's law school loans are paid off and why we have very little debt (unless you count our lovely mortgage). However, in spite of my frugality, we are still broke so I must continue in my quest for ultimate frugal living!

And if you could see my house right now, NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE would ever believe what you said about the clean house thing! Just ask Jenny...

Jeff (Laura's Husband): Em, you've go some huevos writing those descriptions!

Karie: Well said. I did do voodoo on Dad. Why do you think he's home from the hospital after only 3 days?!?!?

Brandon: I read it. Pretty good

Jenny: Emily,You are a genius! You completely nailed every one of us (especially Karie).
FYI, I'm only assertive when someone messes with my husband or kids, or when I guess I feel like it.

Jenny/Pacifist/Enigma: Karie, I wasn't trying to offend. So don't be mad at me that I said Emily nailed you. But, Emily is pretty darn funny and you can check my chakra anytime you want. Hey, she outed me as a liberal, but since I never talk seriously about politics, one can never be really sure. I'm so glad I got to see you and that you got to see Darren and his chubbiness. Love- Jenny

Brandon: I wholeheartedly agree about Emzer's mad skillz. She pegged us all pretty good. J-Bird, I miss Darren! Can I adopt him if we give you visitation rights? I hate to be selfish but he is pretty darn cute and cuddly...

Chrissy: Em, I think you need to publish all these comments on your blog!! All your sibs are pretty dang funny too!! (Your wish is my command, Chrissy!)

Emily: Laura; ToMAYtoes, ToMAHtoes. "Tightwad" is a badge of honor. Just like "geek" and "witch doctor". No offense intended. I felt justified since I KNOW you used to own a book called "The Tightwad Gazette."


FOX said...


Where is MY picture?????


Thanks for that one, I am stilling it!! I don't have a sib pic with Jenny in it.

FOX said...

I just clicked on that picture and it is not my favorite of Brandon.

Let it be known that I am requesting that you post sexier pictures of my husband on your blog!!!