Oct 16, 2008

Fame and Fortune, here I come...!

I've decided I want to be a writer when I grow up! I mean, basically that would mean doing exactly what I'm already doing, but I'd get paid for it, right? So I think it's a worthy goal.

Unfortunately, I'm not exactly qualified...

I don't have a Bachelor degree in English, (or anything for that matter) or any work history in Journalism...(I CAN un-jam a photocopier like NOBODY'S bizness and I make EXCELLENT flyers though!) so I'm left with this: My blog.

I'm just going to keep blogging along and hope a book publisher stumbles into this blogspot and decides to publish all my past posts into a book that will sell a million copies and earn me a million dollars which I will then use to hire a maid. And a personal chef. And hair stylist. (just for Sunday's though, cause I'm SO not that vain.)

To that end, I actually paid someone to make me a blog banner, (Thanks Lyndsay) and a button.

Here's the code!

Now I would very much appreciate it if you'd all put my button on your blog and nominate me for multiple awards. (Is that too much to ask? I'm typing my little finger tips off here, people!)
Thank you for your immediate cooperation.

When I'm a millionaire, I'll fly you all over to Japan for a visit.
(Those of you with a BUTTON that is...)

Thanks!!!  :)


Lizzie said...

I dont know why I couldnt get the button to work.


Mrs. Dub said...

Not working for me either, but I'll cheat it in place.

Edward J. Dose said...


I think you would be a great writer.
I like the way you phrase things... I'd buy your book.


acte gratuit said...

Hmmm...I'll check it out and see what happened...

LaLa said...

Tell me when your button is working and I'll put it on my blog so that all 6 of my readers will start reading your blog too. Except that I think at least 5 of them already do...oh, minus you, that would make it 4...I guess we shouldn't count you as someone who reads your own blog right?? Oh, whatever.

Besides, since I'm your sister, I know you'll shun me if I don't put your button on my blog and make you famous and rich. I'll do my best.

shauna said...

I did it. . .and it WORKED!

When I come to Japan, can we go down to Kyushu?!

acte gratuit said...

PP, I don't know what/where Kyushu is, but YES!