Oct 9, 2008

Important Stuff

Guess what?

No, I'm not pregnant.  Guess again!

Wrong again.  Just give up.

No, the answer is...
I HAVE A NEW BLOG!!!  (aren't you sooo excited...?!?!)

It's called Gratuitous Reviews.
And THAT'S where I'll be sticking all my reviews from now on!  
Book Reviews,  (I'm reading four different books at the moment so there should be a few of these coming right up.)
Recipe Reviews, 
Product Reviews, 
Rants about Boys Cargo Pants...
You know...that kinda stuff!

Why?  I dunno.  Just seems more orderly.  Like keeping the peas out of the mashed potatoes. And also, when someone offers to pay me boat loads of money to place an ad on my site, I can stick it on that one so as not to muck up this one.  (Um, did you want to offer me boat loads of money?  Anyone?  Anyone?)

So if you're a Google Reader-er (and you all should be...) go ahead and add www.gratuitousreviews.blogspot.com to your subscriptions.

And if you're a reader who is also a seller and you want some free advertising, let me know and we'll set up a giveaway on the new site!

Get it?
(You say "Got it.")

See you there!


FOX said...

What is up with the 'one stop blog shop'?

or were you just weeding out your book review posts for me, from this blog, since I find fake stories so un-amusing?

I'll go with that!!! THANKS!!!!

mama bear said...

So, is this going to be like your recipe blog that really didn't get updated much? J slash K, you know I will read and love it! I started a new blog too, a while ago, but I'm not quite ready to make it public yet.

acte gratuit said...

No no...MUCH better than my recipe blog. That's just a place to stick recipes I talk about on THIS blog. I never planned to invest too much into that one...!

Lizzie said...

You're blog is super cute. Must run in the family! I must admit I feel like I found out a big secret to learn Mrs. Dub's real name.