Oct 10, 2008

Support for Prop 8

Listen Peeps, I plan to live in California someday and I don't want it going to hell in a handbasket. (Anymore than it already has.)

I support Prop 8, and you should too!

If you don't live in California, there are still ways you can help. (i.e. Donate Money/Blog about it/etc.)  

Don't let California make laws that set a dangerous precedent for the whole country.

(Gavin Newsom, you're a major lame-o!  Have you cleared up that little homeless problem in San Francisco like you promised?  I didn't think so!)

It's not about discriminating against gays.

It's about protecting religious freedom and doing what's right.

Vote YES on Prop 8!

(I was very excited to see that cute Dan Fife, one of Doug's dentist friends, is in this film.  He's the cute shaved-headed surfer dude!)

For more information visit; 


and www.protectmarriage.com


Stacey said...

Sweeet!!! I am a zip code supervisor here in So Cal and it is so great to receive help from all members of the church. In case you don't remember me, I won a PIF gift, he still sits on my desk. All the best.

Stacey said...

Sweeet!!! I am a zip code supervisor here in So Cal and it is so great to receive help from all members of the church. In case you don't remember me, I won a PIF gift, he still sits on my desk. All the best.

FOX said...

Well put!!!

Leslie said...

i thought that was dan fife!! he's my sister in law's cousin.

did you see the fun prop 8 comments i received after i blogged about it on a room somewhere?


LaLa said...

NOW, I will vote for your blog! Thanks for your support of YES on Prop 8. A group of us stood on a street corner this morning waving "Yes on Prop 8" signs and got MANY honks of support, waves and thumbs-up....also some other signs made with a certain finger which I pretended not to see and just smiled back and gave a big THUMBS-UP! Can you imagine flipping someone off just because you don't agree with them?!? Not so classy people!

You are right about this not being anti-gay! Gays are God's children too and we love them. BUT, this is about protecting our children, protecting our religious freedoms and protecting traditional marriage, a sacred institution.

If Prop 8 passes, it WON'T take away any rights or benefits from gay or lesbian domestic partners. It just wouldn't be called marriage and public school teachers wouldn't HAVE to tell our children it is the same as marriage!

Pray for it, blog about it and help out in any way you can! Because when you finally do make it back to California, you don't want your boys being taught in school that they can marry a princess OR a prince!

Anonymous said...

Emily, my name is Nate, and I support prop 8. And BTW, it's precedent, not precidence:)


River said...

Go Emily - I support prop 8 as well. My sister and her family have been going door to door in So. Cali to get the word out about the importance of this passing. We need to protect marriage - God defined what marriage is, it is not to defined by our government!

River said...

FYI - River = Anna Banana

Melissa Abby said...

Yay! Also, I can't wait until we all live in CA :)

Connie, who blinked said...

whoa, my friend is in this video, haha. i guess the mormon world is shrinking.

Jennifer said...

I can't remember if I sent you a video on what happened in Massachusetts (where gay marriage has been legal for years) I'll re send it.

This just happened to us here in Connecticut too.

Thanks for putting this on your blog!

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

I found your blog via Mrs. Dub.... Thanks for talking about this! I feel like a lot of people outside of California don't really know what's going on right now--and it's intense! I'm from California, but, not living there now and it's been a really hard road. My in-laws are in charge of "door knocking" about it. One girl in my old singles ward back home actually got slapped when they had a booth about it at a street fair!! Anyways, thank you for your support!

Anonymous said...

In your former home of San Francisco, 1st graders were just taken to see their gay teacher's wedding ceremony for a SCHOOL FIELDTRIP! But don't worry, we have the oppositions assurance that they're not going to teach about gay marriage in our schools. I guess a field trip to a Lesbian wedding doesn't teach anything.

Too bad you guys moved, Max could have gone...

sara said...

Yay for Prop 8! And Prop 102 in Arizona which is nearly identical. We had our Prop 102 sign stolen from out of our front yard over the weekend; dumb.