Mar 3, 2008

Raising Cain. I mean Sammy!

You may remember a few weeks back when I wrote about Sammy biting me (viciously, I might add) and I asked for your help and advice. WELL, don't let it hurt your feelings, but you were all worthless.
So a day or two after writing the post I asked Sam's preschool teacher for advice. (He goes 3 afternoons a week.) She referred me to the school director who, upon seeing me, said "You look like you need a hug!" (I did.)
I gave her the 411. (Do people even say that anymore?) I told her that most of our battles revolved around dressing for school. I told her Sam doesn't like getting dressed and when I try to dress him, he bites me. (Did I say "viciously" already?)

"OH!" she said "Don't battle him to get dressed!"

Me: "Okay, but he won't do it on his own."

Her: "That's okay! Don't fight him on it!"

Me: "He'll be coming to school naked."

Her: "That's okay! Bring his clothes along! He'll have to sit on his cubby until he decides to get dressed. He wont be able to participate until he's fully clothed."

Next day:
Sam woke up and took off his p.j.'s and Pull-up. Fortunately, he let me put underwear on him. I asked him if he wanted to get dressed and he said "No." A little later I asked if he wanted to get dressed for school. He said "No." I told him he'd have to go in his underwear and that it would be cold. Still "No."

Time to go to school. It's freezing outside. Sam choose not to get dressed and walked to the car in his shoes and snappy's.

We get to school. "Would you like to put your clothes on now Sammy?"


"Would you like your coat on? It's very cold!"


"Okay! Let's go!"

So we started the long walk up to his preschool; through the parking lot, up the long walkway and into the building.

One dad walking towards us looked down at Sam and let out a loud guffaw.

Here was Sammy, walking serenely towards school with his open coat showcasing his tummy and Thomas undies. Once we arrived I handed him off to the teacher at the door. She couldn't help it. She started laughing.

Sam glared.

The other teacher came to the door and she started laughing and said "Saah-mmy! Whaddaya doooing??? Wheh ahh ya clothes???"

Sam looked embarrassed.

He tried to hide behind me and I could tell he was getting a little embarrassed and flustered. Luckily, his favorite TA "Miss Dee" came to the rescue. She asked if he wanted to get dressed and when he--sheepishly--said "yes", she whisked him to a corner at the back of the room and helped him put his clothes on.

He hasn't bitten me since and is usually happy to get dressed in the mornings. (If his pants aren't too big, too small, too cold, or too scratchy.)


Next time on "Adventures in Child Rearing" learn about how one mom got her recalcitrant 3-year-old to buckle up by slamming her brakes on hard and repeatedly!

Now for your viewing pleasure, please watch this short clip of Sammy being photographed by Max. (Max didn't know the digital camera was set to "video".)


Melissa Abby said...

That might be one of the best stories ever! And that video is pretty funny too :)

Naomi said...

Love it. It's like the modern version of The Emperor's New Clothes!

Dan and Courtney Budd said...


I don't generally like blogs. But I love yours.

-Dan Budd

Anonymous said...

Oh! That is the "Love and Logic" approach. Read, "Parenting With Love and Logic", by Foster Cleine and Jim Fay.

acte gratuit said...

Thank you very much!!!

Doug and I have both read it and instituted it's technique's. With limited success.

The Valentine Fam said...

I'm going to remember this for future use. That's one of the best things I've heard all day!

WOG said...

Do you remember the time that I showed up in my underwear? Yea, it was funny, huh?

Linz said...

Holy cow, Em!! That was the best story I ever heard!!! Way to go to the educators!! That video was priceless too!

Your blog is great! Really - one of my favorites ever!

Sarah Walton said...

Emily, that is a really funny story. I was seriously laughing out loud! I love checking in on your blog every once in a while . . . I hope you guys are doing great!

Katie McDee said...

Great story and blog, thanks for the comment on mine! Finish those kids' books!

Jenn said...

I'm sorry you are having trouble-- but thanks for the laugh!!! The video was great.

FOX said...

I have done the slamming on my brakes thing. Ummmm! It was a bad parenting day. Don't tell anyone!

Anonymous said...

"Tippy, Toe to your Bedroom, Emmy! Let me know when you are ready to come out and behave like a responsible parent." (all said in a Love & Logic sing-song voice)Foster would have loved both of your techniques. The naked Sammers goes to Preschool and sudden braking difficulties. You are an awesome mom. However, please don't let Dougie try to pull the first technique. It may be harder for his teachers to stop laughing long enough to help him get dressed.

Christina said...

That was funny! Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

I was once having that issue with my Sam and Susan (you remember her) gave me the same advice. I was just never brave enough to try it. Good for you and I am glad to hear it works!

go boo boo said...

That was awesome! I was totally laughing out loud, thanks for that! I can totally picture my darling 4 year old doing that now, but especially in his lovely 3s.

Anonymous said...

I just peed my pants a little. That was so funny. My favorite part was slamming on the brakes when his seat belt isn't on. The funny thing is that you were probably joking, but I seriously do that all the time (with Ani). Yes, I am a bad mom. I am told that by my children on a daily basis.

acte gratuit said...

Kidding? Um, no. Let's just say that Sam ALWAYS wears his seat belt now.