Mar 7, 2008

I've Strayed...

I've been cheating on you, dear Blog-with-the-Unpronounceable-Name! (What, you thought I could speak French? HA!)

Yes, that's right. There's a new blog in my life. It's just a baby and only has a few posts, but I'm hoping it will make all of my wildest dreams come true! Here it is:

As I'm sure you all know someone hoping to relocate to "Lil Rhody", please refer them to this site!


FOX said...

Where is Rhode Island? It's tooo small to see on the map. Are you sure it's a state?

JUST KIDDING! Hope you sell your house quick!!!! Cuz' showing it with kids and a baby suuuuucccckkkkkeeeth!

Linz said...

I'd buy that house! Nice blog! I hope that you sell that home very quickly!!!