Mar 15, 2008

Under Construction!

OF COURSE you noticed my awesome new Masthead. It was created by my extremely talented friend Katie.

Katie and I worked together a long time ago in the same department at UVSC.

I bought her friendship with candy bars.

Then later she and her husband bought my house.

I got the better end of both deals.

(I wish she were here now to buy my current house.)

Back to the point: she has mad computer skills and she made me a cool masthead.
And she can make one for you to. She charges $100.
(Do you mind that I just started a business for you Katie?)
You only get this deal through me! Everyone else she charges $150.

AND if you call in the next 15 minutes, we'll throw in this set of Ginsu knives ABSOLUTELY FREE! Please make your checks payable to Emily Dub. (I'll make sure Katie gets plenty of candy bars!)

P.S. Katie is NOT addicted to candy bars. She only loves them as much as any other red-blooded American.

P.P.S. I'm still making changes to my blog. Pardon my dust.

(Sorry Chrissy! This is the best I could do.)


Linz said...

Looks great!

Matt said...

To ensure that the market remains competitive I too can create fabulous mastheads and will do the job for $50. Nice! Always creating controversy. (-;

acte gratuit said...

Darn you Matt! Darn you to HECK!

FOX said...

I will do one for $25. It won't be as great, but how many times do we give up a little glam for a lower price.

It's the Mormon way!

We apparently all need to save money anyway to buy Emily's house.

PS I was told I am NOT a red-blooded American, because my feet are to cold, but I challenge your friend to a candy bar eating contest any day!!!! :)

Bring it on!!!

Love the new post. You still crack me up! Sorry I didn't call this weekend. It is a long story!

But I love you!!!!!

FOX said...

PS: for those of you employing my $25 service you should probably know that the first time I heard the expression masthead, was reading this post!

The Valentine Fam said...

You've been officially hired as my PR person (not to be confused with HR pee-on!)

Glad you liked it!

Lanes said...

Okay, just left a long comment but it didn't post and now i'm tired out.