Apr 8, 2007

Sweet Samuel

This evening after Easter Dinner, I snuck out and made a quick trip to the hospital to see my friend Diane who just had her baby*. When I got home, the boys were in bed but Sammers, who took a late nap, was still awake. He must have heard me talking to Doug because he started yelling for me.

(I walk in the room)

Sam: Dat you Mommy?
Whewe’d you go?
--I went to see Diane at the hospital.
--I’m home now. I’m all done!
(I lay down on the bottom bunk next to him)

Sam: Dat you Mommy?

Sam: You wub my tummy?
--You want me to rub your tummy?
*"J.J." arrived yesterday weighing 10+ pounds and is adorable with silky black hair and chubby cheeks. Congrats Diane and Steve!!!


Mrs. Dub said...

pretty much it hurts me every time i read sweet stories like this because i've seen your boys, like, thrice. but i'm holding out hope that will strike it rich, build a huge compound in cardiff (to hold both our families ... on all sides), and cuddle that new baby to my heart's content.

Lindsay Dunn said...

Awww...he is so sweet! What a precious moment!

Mona said...

Glad to see that you're a "Twilight" fan as well. Interested to see what you think of "New Moon" the sequel.

Sheba said...

Dat Peep have cow's milk?

shelly belly said...

aww! i miss sammy so much! i miss all of you.

man. i can't believe sammy's forming full sentences now! >_< i remember when we would try really hard to get him to say, "DAH!" and "dada".

i can't wait until i see you guys.