Apr 27, 2007

Remembering A Great Day

*Note: I wrote this on Monday the 23rd, but had to scan some photos for it before posting. Today it's raining.

Today is a beautiful day. After weeks of cold, dreary, gray weather, it got up to a record breaking 85 degrees. Driving home from Max's preschool, I had the radio turned way up and the windows down. All of the sudden I remembered a great day from about 10 years ago.

Brace yourself: I'm not known for my concise story-telling style. (But that's why I'm including crappy old scrapbook photos...to keep you interested.)

After my freshman year at UVSC, I took a year off to work. I moved home to Carlsbad and brought Angelique and Lesley (two Brighton H.S.* alumni) with me.

(Me, Lesley, and Ang before our "Super Date" with Heath, Danny, and Spencer.)

We rented an awesome condo from Paul's (Carlsbad H.S. alumni) dad in a very nice gated complex with swimming pool, hot-tub and sauna. (Anna joined us later followed by Fletch who took Lesley's room when she moved home.)

Paul, Rama, and Me contemplating fire and Christmas-y things.

We immediately met and started consorting with numerous guys from the Single's Ward and I started dating a hilarious Will-Ferrell-channeling guy who spoiled me rotten.Basically, we had a freaking awesome time living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. (If you exclude the drama's that come from a bunch of hormonal and emotional females living together who all start getting their period's on the same schedule.)
The majority of my time there, I worked at Adam's Design Group as a receptionist and personal assistant to Nancy Adams, Interior Designer. I felt pretty good about earning $10/hour. Much more than whatever measly wage I was earning in Utah.

My job was pretty plush. Located in a breezy office suite a few blocks from the beach and close to the Flower Fields, I LOVED going to work every day. Sometimes, as part of my duties, I would run a few errands for my boss Nancy.
One day I had to take some paperwork across town to another office. It was 70 degrees and beautiful outside. (as usual) I was incredibly happy to be driving around in the middle of the day and getting paid for it. (Plus money for gas and miles, I might add...) So of course, I had the windows down, the sunroof open, and the radio blasting.

I should mention that this is the one time in my life I've had a cool car. I had a very nice black Honda Accord with a surf rack on top. (Which I never used but which made me look that much cooler. Oh, and there was that excellent "Madness" sticker from Spin Records on the back.)

I remember I was driving North on El Camino and had just come into the area where lights get closer together and traffic starts to slow down. (You know, right around Rama and Wahine's house.)

(Yes, we look goofy, but we were at D-land in this pic...)

Did I mention it was a really beautiful day and I was in a super good mood?

So I'm cruising along and I come to the first red light I've hit in awhile and slow to a stop. Just then, feeling someone staring at me, I turn to look into the car next to me.

I still remember exactly what I saw. A twenty-something man, windows down, staring unabashedly at me with wide, shocked eyes; his mouth literally hanging wide open. At this point I realized that aside from blasting the radio, I was singing at the extreme top of my lungs. And I'm sure I was probably also drumming the steering wheel to the beat.

The thing is, it wasn't like I was belting to Alanis.

Due to my extensive work in a professional office environment, I'd become accustom to listening to KYXY 96.5 at work. (You know...Easy Listening with No Repeat Work Days!?) I guess that carried over to my mid-day errand, because instead of pumping 91x, I was indeed blasting KYXY (pronounced: Kick-see).

I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure the song was of the Toni Braxton "Unbreak My Heart" variety. As opposed to, say, something respectable like "Black Hole Sun". (I mean, you can really get into both of those if you turn them up high enough!)

Luckily, I was in such a good mood, I just started smiling and kept right on singing to his face until the light changed and I was once again on my way.


Now, add 10 years to my age. Take away the cool car and mini-skirt and replace with a mini-van and too tight maternity shirt. Replace ex-boss Nancy with current boss Maxwell; funny ex-boyfriend with fabulous husband. Switch from Southern California to Rhode Island and you have almost an exact replica.

Because TODAY was another GREAT day!

*I moved from S.L.C., UT (where I attended Brighton High School) to Carlsbad, CA (where I graduated from Carlsbad High School) in the middle of my Junior Year.


Mrs. Dub said...

hey, i had a madness sticker on my car growing up. and i HEART carlsbad, as well. so pretty much we should have married each other. but in-laws works, too.

p.s. million bucks the Dub bros don't even know who Madness is.

Wendy said...

Oh Man, that was quite the flashback. Thanks for helping me wake up with a funny story. I never thought I'd ever think of Heath again.


Lindsay Dunn said...

I love your detailed stories!! I could have written that exact story - only replace Carlsbad with Las Vegas, Accord with 1977 Mustang (AWESOME!!) and "Unbreak My Heart" with No Doubt's "Don't Tell me Cause it Hurts" and it IS a duplicate story! So fun! LOVED the pics!

Anonymous said...

Get your hands off the guys pecks, Em! Geesh. Are you hormonal or what? And man do I have a visual of you singing "Unbreak My Heart" to the guy! You are crazy and oh so cool.

acte gratuit said...

Um, I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant with boy hormones raging through my body. Of COURSE I'm hormonal.

But that particular picture was meant more to showcase my awesome bowling shirt and sweet jeans. Not so much Heath's pecks.
BTW, the name "Brad Willard" is boldly embroidered across the back of that shirt. Man, I love that shirt.

Bartimaeus said...

Hmmm...another example of speaking in female, or rather story telling in female...no wonder meow meow meow creeps in now and then. =) =)

Oh... and we don't talk about old boyfriends.

Oh....Madness was one of the leading bands of the ska revival of the late '70s and early '80s

mel said...

hey Em did I ever tell you that I had the pleasure of being in a ward with Heath & his wife for a short time before we moved to O'side?

Stephanie said...

dear emily,
i could never stop reading your blog! you are far too funny. i would miss it terribly.
you fall into my "one person removed" rule, so you don't need to worry about a thing.
i will be a loyal reader until the day this whole blogospher explodes.

Todd & Jenny said...

I love your posts, Emily. I really need to take notes from you on how to improve my own. Great, great story!! We're having FABULOUS weather here as well... very warm. But of course it won't last too long here, but I'll take what I can get. Enjoy your time outdoors!

felix said...

I think I bought my first CD at spin records, and I think it was Sublime, 40oz to Freedom. Did I ever tell you that I saw Heath in Wal-Mart During Christmas 2005? He said, Aren't you Brian Perkins little sister?" (first and only time that's happened to me. Who even KNOWS Brian?!?!) I was like, "Dude, Heath, you knew me before you knew him." Turns out hot Jared with nipple rings is a hairdresser, but straight. I didn't see that coming.

kylie said...

Oh I remember you guys talking about KYXY!

Wow, that first picture takes me back. I loved visiting you in Carlsbad. I NEED to go to Carlsbad again!

Jenn said...

okay-- my turn with the Heath sighting! Saw him at church when visiting the family. We have to stop and say hi since we are family with his sister!! Thanks for the flashback-- miss Carlsbad tons!! Maybe someday?