Apr 19, 2007


My friend Fabulous Photographer Jen, has once again done an awesome photo shoot!

(Of course, she does awesome photo shoots like every day of the week, so it's not like this is a new thing.)

This time, however, instead of my kids being the subjects,
I am the (somewhat uncoordinated and slow moving) superstar!!!

If you'd like to see me in all of my 8.25 months of pregnant glory, click HERE!

And if you'd like to read about how I totally rocked the Saturday Morning Eggs Benedict cookoff against Doug, click HERE!

(And please leave a comment because he has low blog-esteem and is threatening to quit posting all together.)


Leslie said...

you look adorable! great shots!

Ramarue said...

You are so freaking cute. Those pictures do a good job reflecting your hotness and rawkin' personality. I know it's wrong to say, but your photog friend is my idol!

shelly belly said...

man. those pictures were awesome. = ) they were so artsy<3 and you looked really pretty.

Lindsay Dunn said...

Awwww! You look so cute!! I love that belly!! And your egg did look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Interesting red carpet shot! I'm loving the knee highs. Weirdo! However, I love the shots by the ocean and barn door. You are so beautiful! Now keep that baby in there until after women's conference. I'm already mad you won't be sitting next to me munching on Kettle Korn and cinnamon bears. Geesh. Plan your sex better will you? You know where you are supposed to be the first weekend of May every year!

Jenni said...

i love those photos of you, absolutely beautiful!

Lindsay Dunn said...

Hey Em - did you ever make it to the doctor?

m. bee. said...

those are come cute photos. the ones of you and all the others. is this the friend you were talkin about a long time ago when i told you i love photography? i can so see me making my kids be models seeing as i do that to everyone in my family plus my best friends. love it.
love you.