Apr 8, 2007


Anyone out there remember Billy Madison? It came out in 1995 but I don't remember seeing it until the summer of 1996. Now, even fans of movies that are admittedly "Dumb Funny" will probably admit that this movie falls more into the "Dumb" category. (You can see what's running through Adam/Billy's mind in the above picture: "Doi duh doi doi doi...") I only vaguely remember certain scenes, ("Nooo...condeetionah is bettah...eet makes the
haiah soft and seelky!") and those not very clearly.
But I do remember there was a very random, very large PENGUIN. Adam Sandler is evidently very drunk and hallucinates about a penguin while laying by the swimming pool. (I think.)
Anyway, the other night I walked around the corner and saw this out of my peripheral vision:
I let out a loud "AHHHHHH!!!"
Can you blame me for being slightly alarmed? I mean, how do I know pregnancy doesn't induce penguin hallucinations? Last I saw this gargantuan art project it was hanging discreetly on the side of the fridge...nowhere near Max's door. (Which doubles as an ever changing art exhibit.)

The lesson here is, if you're going to have giant penguins in the house, warn your wife before changing their location. Give a pregnant girl a break once in awhile!!! (We have weak bladders!)


Lindsay Dunn said...

HA HA HA!!! That would scare the pee out of me too!

g said...

Ok. Maybe I was hallucinating, but I remember Billy Madison being funny?! Of course, I was known to throw back a few in high school and when that happened...everything was funny. I'll have to watch it again. (side note: I totally love my blockbuster membership where they send you movies through the mail AND you can rent movies from the store to boot! I suggest joining.)

Lisa said...

I thought Billy Madison was funny too, and I wasn't even throwing back a few... The best penguin part: "Oh I see what's goin on in here...Proceeeed"

mama bear said...

totally loved Billy Madison!! come on, the scene in the swimming pool when they all break into song and his girlfriend (dressed like Heidi) totally kicks his butt?!? It doesn't get any better than that!

O'Doyle Rules!!

acte gratuit said...

I guess I'll have to give it another chance sometime. I really don't remember much other than the penguin and the bathtub scene.

mr. underhill said...

Classic Sandler. One of the first movies I saw after a two year hiatus from movies. I was on the floor laughing. To this day, qoutes of that movie are part of my lexicon -- or is it lepricon? I don't know. "Ask her if she likes anyone from class ... more than a friend."