Apr 26, 2007

Book Review

Super Husband takes really good care of me. About once a week, he takes Max to the library and they come home with a whole slew of books and Books-on-C.D. for the whole family. Usually, for me he picks something he thinks I'll like, something he knows I'll like, and something that has a cool cover.

So the other day, he brought home "The Mermaid Chair" on C.D. by Sue Monk Kidd, saying "Isn't this one you wanted to read?" YES! I'd been wanting to read it ever since it came out, but hadn't gotten around to it. The reason I wanted it is because I absolutely LOVED "The Secret Life of Bees". THAT is one of those books that leaves you depressed because you've finished reading it and there is no sequel. It was SUPER good and I loved it.

So, I was excited to get Mermaid Chair on C.D. (I love having something to listen to in the kitchen.) Let me just say right now, I was SO hugely disappointed. Right from the beginning I was annoyed at the premise and annoyed at the main character's incredible narcissism, self-justification, and lack of a single moral fiber! The only thing that made me keep listening was the fact that there was a mystery involved. (Very secondary sub-plot to the s.e.xual musings and antics of the main character.) Unfortunately, I CANNOT stop reading a book without knowing how the mystery is solved. So I had to settle for skipping past the numerous s.e.x scenes (WITH A BLOODY MONK, no less!) until the end when the truth came out and the mystery was solved.

Therefore, for what it's worth, I give "The Mermaid Chair" two thumbs way down. And I'll give Sue Monk Kidd a swift kick in the pants and a lecture if I ever get a chance to meet her. If this is a book you loved, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

"Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer
I didn't know before I got this one that it falls into the "adolescent/teen" category. Therefore, I was surprised at how many adults had recommended it to me. (I thought Doug and I were the only ones who LOVE books geared to this age group.)

Anyway, I finished this not too long ago and loved it. Like "Secret Life..." it leaves you wanting 200 more pages. It really was extremely entertaining and engaging and I was sad when I finished it. I'm looking forward to the sequel which I believe is called "New Moon". (We requested it from the library last night.) In conclusion, two thumbs up!

I'd keep going down my list of just finished books, but I think I'd better pop in Doug's latest library gift and get to work on my messy kitchen! Hooray for BOOKS!!!


Mrs. Dub said...


i cracked open "the mermaid chair" by the pool this summer, envisioning the best reading/tanning sesh of my life.

sadly, i too was disappointed for the same reasons and threw in the towel (literally) after a few chapters.

but i'll have to give your other book a read. i'm way into the adolescent genre because their typical level of racy-ness (holding hands, kissing) is more my style.

Lisa said...

If you thought Mermaid Chair was bad, you should have seen the movie. I only saw a small part of it on Lifetime, but it was definitely something that will go down in b grade movie infamy. I also read the book because I loved The Secret Life of Bees, and, like you, ended up really mad at myself for starting it. I am not a chic lit girl anyway, but since reading this book I've found myself shunning anything remotely girly and have gone back to medieval war novels and books about mind reading aliens. Maybe I will try your other reccomendation for a little balance.

kylie said...

I was also recommended to read Twilight recently which I did and loved. I ended up running out and buying New Moon and it is EQUALLY AS GOOD! You have something to look forward to!

Anyway, now I'm very impatient for the next book that doesn't come out until August. =(

Felix said...

I shoulda warned you about Mermaid Chair. I read it for the same reasons you did, and hated it for the same reasons you did. GAG!