Jul 3, 2011

A Few Little July Things

*People often ask me:  "When do you find the time to blog???"
Today's answer?  1:15 a.m.   What can I say...I'm a night owl.
{(My usual answer?  "It's what I do while you clean your house.")}

*I just finished listening to the audio version of "Unbroken" from Audible.com.  (I l.o.v.e. Audible)  It's about an American soldier held as a POW in Japan during WWII.  What an amazing story!  Makes me feel proud and wimpy and patriotic and wimpy.  Also, I'm in awe of our current relationship with the Japanese!  We (and they) have come a long way since the 40's!  (I highly recommend the book, btw.  4 stars.)

*Did I mention we got a house?  WE GOT A HOUSE!!!  WAHOO!
And by that I mean, we signed a one year lease on a rental.  And we're super excited.  It's by a big park with a Rec center and has access to a community pool!  And it has a GARAGE!!!  Something we've never had before!

*So where exactly are we going?  The San Diego area.  (Mind your business, stalkers!)  I will say this:  The temperature RARELY gets over 75 (or below 60) and we're ten minutes from the beach.  a.k.a. HEAVEN!

*And what will we be doing there?  Buying an existing practice with actual patients and a guaranteed income?  Oh no...that route is for sissies!  Doug will be starting a BRAND NEW pediatric dental practice!  From scratch!!!  So uh...save your kiddie cavities and come visit us!  You can sleep in my new garage!

*Actually, we've decided you can only come visit if you a] came to visit us here in Japan, (that eliminates...all of you) OR, b] if you sent us a Christmas card, family photo, or goodie box during the last three years.  The rest of you, well...we accept bribes.  Good luck.

*Hey, it's so early, it's tomorrow!  Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!  Isn't America awesome?!

*And now I'm must wrap this up.  Doug gives me a hard time if I try to sneak in bed after 2.



Susan Rozier said...

Em, I love your blogs. They make me laugh. I've missed your blogs. A day without an Em-blog is a day without sunshine. So happy for your move to Californ-i-a in the US of A. Love, Aunt Sue

mountainmama said...

Would you accept a jar of nutella?

annie said...

I had that book from the Library. I was all ready to read it, then my life went bonkers and I had to return it before I even cracked it open. I guess I'll have to try again.

acte gratuit said...

Thanks Aunt Sue! Love you!

Yes Anna. Yes I would!

Annie, I hope you'll like it. It came highly recommended from many of my friends here.

Robyn said...

So glad that your search went well and you have procured a home! We are just beginning our search and finding that numerous web sites have been hacked and the posts aren't accurate...Grrrr what does a person gain from doing that?

How about homemade jam???? LOL

Safe travels my blog friend!

Melissa Abby said...

We are going to Carlsbad this weekend, wish you guys were there already! How exciting about the practice, can't wait to hear more!

Christina said...

Sounds exciting - best of luck with the new practice and the move!

ryanandginger said...

That is really exciting Emily! Doug will do a fabulous job and have tons and tons of patients in no time!

Beeswax said...

I bought that book for my Dad for Christmas, because I loved Seabiscuit,but I haven't borrowed it back yet.

And I'll bet my kids have tons of cavities, but I don't think you'll be open for business on the morning of July 23rd? Because we've got to get at least as far as Mesquite, NV that night, or we can kiss our SLC Pioneer Day party plans goodbye.

That's okay, though, because think how rotten those teeth will be by next July!

Claudia said...

Since I didn't get a 4th of July package out I will have to prepare a Welcome to California package...Sorry I was a slug about the 4th this year but we are excited to have you back in California but I can only imagine the mixed emotions you are going through...years ago I went through a similar thing when my husband finished training ..he bought a practice even so leaving friends and all the expense was scarey but it will be a great new phase in your life.