Dec 30, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Family Photos With Five Boys
 A True Story by Emily W.
December 2010


Max, can you get shoes on Gabe?  No, not his flip flops.  Put his little boots on him.  Gabey, GABEY!  JUST LET MAX HELP YOU!  Hold still and put your feet in!  Now go get in the car, boys! 

Doug where’s Sam?  SAM!  PUT YOUR PANTS ON AND GET IN THE CAR!  Wait, first see if you can get Gray-Gray to laugh while I put him in his car seat.
Doug, do you have the camera?  Is it charged??  Are you sure???

Yes, I have the brush. No, Gray isn’t wearing that.  I have to put his shirt on at the last minute so it’s not soaked with slobber for the picture.  Yes, I have a different shirt for all the boys.


We’re going up to the Gorge, Max.  No, you can’t bring the DS.  We’ll only be in the car for an hour, Sammy!  You can bring a book, though.  No!  No DVD player!  It’s a one hour drive!”

(Ninety minutes and one emergency pit stop later, we arrive at Oirase Gorge.)

“Doug, where’s the clean shirt I had out for Sam?  No, I took it from him so he wouldn’t smush it and gave it to you.  You were supposed to take that pile!  Oh well!  He’ll have to wear the one with the hole in it!  We can Photoshop it later.

Hey everybody, Can the W’s go first ‘cause our kids are probably going to fall in the river or a mud puddle in a minute...!? Thank you!!
Okay boys remember what Daddy said!
You’re going to be in big trouble if you don’t smile! 

No, don’t look at me, look at the camera!  Someone get Gray to look!  NO, at the CAMERA! 

Sam, come back!  You have to be in the picture or no Wii for a week!  Gabey, calm down, Daddy’s not going to let you fall over the railing!  Max, I want a REAL smile!  Think of something silly like the time you knocked Mommy off the bed!  Yeah, Now smile like THAT! 

I did brush his hair but he messed it up again!  Can someone get Gray to look?  Anyone have a tissue?  Can you wipe his face off?  Max, that is a fake smile!  Smile normal!  Sam, quit looking at Gray and look at the camera!

Put your hands down!

Face forward!

Stop touching him!

Don’t kick!

Look at the camera!

(Doug, is my hair weird? Is there lipstick on my teeth?)

Okay boys, just a few more!  Now, one…two…three…


--The End--

Heres wishing you a calm and peaceful Christmas and relaxing New Year!
Hope you appreciate the picture!!!

Love, The Dub Family
Douglas, Emily, Maxwell (9), Samuel (6),
Gabriel (3), and introducing, Grayson Brandon (8mns)

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