Dec 17, 2010

NARNIA on i-Tunes for $9.95!!!

Quick!  Go to i-Tunes and buy the Audio Book of the Month!  They have the complete "Narnia" series--all seven books--for only $9.95!!!  This is a smokin' deal!  Think of the hours (over 75) of road trip entertainment!  Plus, it features the voice of Jean Luc Picard!  What more could you ask for???
As Doug told his family in an e-mail, "This announcement is my Christmas gift to you all! It's like I just gave you each $60."!  You're welcome!
Merry Christmas!!!
(<----Do NOT buy it from Amazon.  Sorry Amazon.)

P.S.  While you're there, get the Single of the Week--a new song by Duran Duran!!!

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