Dec 8, 2010

Max is NINE! Part 2

We really know how to celebrate birthday's around here!

Saturday, D-Fresh took the boys to the Weasels Den 
Then; Max got to open a present one day early.  
Super Dad found it at the base "Great American Garage Sale".  
Hooray for $7 Wii games!!!

When Gabe and Gray were down for naps, D took the big boys to the Misawa City Pool to swim.  It's a little ways away, but it has a water slide so it's always a big hit.

Sunday after church it was time for his Family Party. (We do friend parties on even-numbered birthdays.)  He requested Wizard Won Ton Soup, fruit salad, and a Harry Potter Castle Cake. Dad made the soup, I made the cake.  I used the book "What's New Cupcake" (Thanks Claudia) for the cake idea, but unfortunately didn't have all the correct componants.  (No oblong chocolate wafer cookies to be found on base--hence the white door and shutters.)  I wasn't thrilled with it...could have used a few more hours and a few fewer distractions, but of course, Max never seems to mind.  He loved it.  (A few have been pretty scary--like the possessed "Thomas" I made when he was two.)
The chocolate trees started re-melting the minute they came out of the fridge so they fell over shortly after this picture was taken.
The H fam are our family here.  We love 'em.  They brought a "Gross Science" kit for Max.  They're clearly awesome.

And the extra present promised at church?
A Toy Story tin filled with popcorn.
All the kids were so excited to see it come out of the gift bag!
"OH!  TOY STORY!  Maybe it's ARMY MEN!
Maybe it's BUZZ and WOODY!
Me:  "No no!  It's not a toy!  It's just a cool TIN!!!  Ya know, to keep stuff in!?!"
(Note to self:  Kid's aren't impressed with cool tins filled with plain popcorn.  I think I've got it.)

All in all, I'd say he had a fun birthday.

Max, what's your favorite?

(Mom asked:) What is your favorite cartoon character?  Jerry (From Tom and Jerry)

(Sam)  Phase 10

(Michiel) ...Lego set?  Harry Potter (which he didn't have, but got the next day.)

(Dad)  Harry Potter series

(Gabey)  ...color?  Red.  No blue.  Really dark blue.

(Gray)  ...fruit?  Cantaloupe

Dinner?  ...crepes

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Linz said...

I love that cake! It's awesome! My kids are lucky if they get a cake with frosting actually on it. So way to go!!!