Dec 7, 2010

Max is NINE

And Sunday was testimony meeting.

Me:  "Max, why don't you bare your testimony!"
Max:  "No, I just want to sleep."
Me:  "Come on!
Max:  "No."
Me:  "Say that you finished the Book of Mormon!"
Max:  "I don't even have any shoes!"
(Yes, he somehow managed to leave the house without shoes and walked around in his socks for all three hours of church.  That's how we roll around here.)
Me:  "No one is going to notice.  They can't even see your feet when you're up there.  And...I'll give you an extra birthday present!"
(That's right.  I'm not above bribery to make my children participate in church!)
Me:  "I can go up with you...?"
Max:  "Fine. [pause]  I'll go alone."

Max standing--in his socks--at the pulpit in front of the entire congregation:

"I'd like to bare my testimony.  I know the church is true.  I know the Book of Mormon is true because I read it.  InthenameofJesusChrist, Amen!"


That's my boy!


Linz said...

What a sweet boy! I can't believe he's 9!!!! Happy Birthday Max!

Anonymous said...
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